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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Suspect Why Kody Brown’s Hair Is ‘Frazzled’

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Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss why Kody Brown has ‘frazzled’ hair. They suspect this is the reason why his hair is such a mess. Keep reading to find out what fans are saying.

Kody Brown’s wild hair is a hot topic with viewers

Kody Brown’s unruly hair is undoubtedly his most distinctive feature. It’s something viewers have talked about since Sister Wives premiered in 2010. While some fans of the show find Kody attractive, others wonder how he landed one wife, let alone four. (Three now that Christine Brown ended her relationship with the plural family.)

His curly dirty-blonde hair is slowing turning grey as the years go by, enhancing his wild look.

Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube
Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives star changes up his look

Sister Wives fans are used to seeing Kody’s hair untamed and disheveled. But he showed off an entirely different look during a recent Cameo greeting to a fan. The family patriarch’s Cameo is controversial among followers of the show.

Why? Kody Brown keeps raising the price of his Cameo while claiming to offer a discounted price. But that doesn’t stop his diehard fans from purchasing the personalized videos.

One lucky fan was gifted a Cameo and Kody Brown went out of his way to make it special. As we previously reported, he pulled his wild hair away from his face into a ponytail. Click here to see photos of his tamed look.

Redditors suspect this is why Kody Brown has such ‘frazzled’ hair

Is it a coincidence that Kody Brown tamed his wild hair after Christine Brown left the family? It’s an interesting thought, considering why Sister Wives fans think he looks so frazzled.

Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube
Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube

A Reddit thread titled “The Kiss of Death for Christine” discusses warning signs of the end of Christine and Kody’s relationship. The Redditor who created the thread suggests that Kody’s fragile ego played a big role in the split.

The responses took a turn when users started discussing Kody Brown’s lifestyle. As far as fans know, he doesn’t hold a typical 9-5 job or help with raising his many kids with his multiple wives. So, what does he do all day?

One Sister Wives fan snarked that Kody Brown “keeps busy by being frazzled and going between houses.” That prompted another follower to reply that “years of being frazzled can be seen in his hair.”

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Fans think that having four wives and a plural marriage is the reason for Kody Brown’s frazzled hair. Do you think they might be on to something? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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