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Olumide Inajide Steals ‘Bachelorette’ Fans’ Hearts


After Michelle Young felt left out on her group date, Olumide Inajide stepped up to be there for her. The Bachelorette had a sleepover date where the guys had a lot of fun. While the guys played a game, they didn’t pay attention to Michelle. Michelle has already had some emotional moments this season.

While the men were really enjoying the sleepover-themed date, she made her way to the sidelines. She started to feel isolated and lonely as they continued to have fun. Michelle was obviously upset during the event. During the second half of the group date, Michelle opened up about what she was feeling. One of the men, Olumide stood out to fans.

How Did Olumide Inajide Make Michelle Feel Seen

Michelle Young shared that she felt, “like the token black girl.” She told them that growing up people didn’t show interest in her and being left out brought those feelings back. The men felt bad about it and apologized for not realizing how she felt.

Olumide Onajide, Instagram

Olumide Inajide got very emotional when he talked to Michelle about it. He shared he was the one who reassured his sisters when they were feeling lonely and upset. He said he could see how hard it was for them and his heart was broken that Michelle felt that way. According to Meaww, he wanted to make sure she knew she was heard, and he saw her. He said, “I feel you. I hear you. I appreciate you.”

Fans Loved Him And His Vulnerability

As soon as the episode aired fans loved how open Olumide Inajide was with Michelle. One fan said, “ok I fell in love with Olu a little bit.” Another said, “not Olu crying and truly upset for Michelle.”

Olumide Onajide, Instagram

A third fan said, “Olu and Michelle are honest, emotional, and real. I felt that. I love this couple.” On his Instagram, he shared a video of the sleepover where the men punched him in the chest. A fan commented there saying, “Outside of this scene.. just watched your convo with Michelle and wanted to say I appreciate you. Clearly such a strong man inside and out!” Fans liked their connection better than some of the other men on her season. One tweeted, “the intimacy in that hug with Olu speaks so much louder than every kiss she had with Martin.”

On his Instagram sharing the first meeting of him and Michelle he captioned it, “I promise you….I’m here for the right reasons.” A fan commented about his fashion sense, “you need to style these other men because your looks are fire.” Read more about Michelle’s journey with her men here. What do you think about Olumide and Michelle’s connection? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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