‘Gold Rush’ Exclusive: Tony Beets’ Frozen Hunker Cut Yields Car-Sized Boulder

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On Gold Rush for Discovery, the Beets goes on as Tony Beets thanks his lucky stars that he has such great kids to help him realize his gold recovery projections for this season.

Paradise Hill is where Team Beets is working. The King of the Klondike lost rights to mine on the Indian River, so Paradise Hill is the spot.

Ruby Mahoney is part of his crew and is part of the team that has the plant running 24/7. New driver Elaina Jensen is also part of the Beets team. But Tony needs another plant running to keep up with projected gold.

The Nugget Cut is looking skint for gold prospects, so Beets contemplates moving out of the “cursed” water-logged Hunker Cut and perhaps moving the operation to Mega Cut or the 18-acre Eighty Pup.

TV Shows Ace exclusive preview shows how Beets is managing the Hunker Cut workarounds.

What happens for Tony Beets and the crew?

The oldest son Kevin Beets is in charge of the Hunker Cut.

To bust through the frozen ground and make it thaw out faster, Mike Beets sinks the D11’s one-ton ripper shank over six feet into the earth.

Tony’s younger son says: “And when that stuff gets frozen like permafrost frozen holy s*** is it hard.
I’ve had that rattle a piss out of me. We ain’t got time for that. It’s a short season, so you rip rip rip.”

Driving to the cut, Tony Beets says: “Okay, I’m counting on Kevin and Mike to keep this box going 24 hours a day.
Off we go.”

The freshly ripped-up pay dirt is all they’ve got to feed the trommel, and Tony wants it running at 200 yards an hour.

One of the crew, Brad Merrett, says: “Jesus, a lot of frozen chunks going up that belt…no time whatsoever to be pulling out chunks when you’re running at full force. That one’s as big as a car.”

A quarter-ton frost chunk has jammed the belt, and basically, the chunks are too big because there is no reason that frost chunks and rocks that big should be anywhere in the feeder.

Seeing trouble ahead, Kevin Beet radios for help. He says: “Get the water, get the water! I think another blockage.”

He adds: “Amazing. It’s f***ing amazing. Now, this is the last thing we need right now. We only have the trommel going. I mean, it is a big producer but, the big producers are producing, you got f*** all.

What else is happening on Gold Rush?

Parker is weighing the financials of Mud Mountain. Former Marine “Froggy” Jourdenais and claim owner Ken Tatlow, who is 82, are tasked with moving the dirt on Team Schnabel. Jordan Tatlow is in his first season mining, and Froggy is cracking the whip on him.

Fred Lewis is pushing through his California Creek. He has half a crew and has no gold to show for his efforts. But things are looking up as his investors have infused his operation with cash to upgrade his trommel, and new blood is en route to help him.

Next week for Tony Beets

You meet a newcomer. Team Beets expands as we meet Michael Beets, making two Mike Beets on the Beets crew, and yes, they are related.

Handsome Tony is Michael’s nephew.  His prior work experience was farming.  Despite the lack of mining experience, Tony gives his blessing and the keys to the D10 dozer.

And Monica Beets cuts her maternity leave as Minnie Beets watches her baby girl Jasmine.

Gold Rush airs Friday at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery.


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