Betty White Talks Post Mortem Arrangements As Hundredth Birthday Approaches

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Betty White is a beloved iconic American celebrity. After more than 80 years of experience in the television industry, the legend is approaching her 100th birthday. While her fans wish for Betty to outlive us all, she herself knows that eventually, it will be her time. Read on to find out what Betty predicts regarding the handling of her estate once she has passed on.

A National Treasure

American actress, Betty White, has been a fixture on television for as long as most can remember. After more than 80 years on screen and playing leading roles in numerous, long-running television shows – Betty has earned a spot in the hearts of millions of fans.

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The former Golden Girls actress is approaching her hundredth birthday next January, and fans are ready to celebrate with her. In fact, at the oncoming of the pandemic, Betty fans across the nation took to social media to beg the celeb to sanitize and quarantine because the world isn’t ready to lose her just yet. Many joked about how we needed to get Betty some security and keep her in a Covid bubble so that nothing would happen to her before she lived to see 100 years old. Many have referred to her as a national treasure, one that should be protected at all costs.

Betty White Reveals Her Shocking Secret

Recently, during discussions about her upcoming birthday and the legacy that has been her life, this idolized television star admits that she’s not perfect. The celeb has a shocking secret. In her autobiography, Betty White In Person, the beloved star says that she has a real problem with getting rid of items that she has some sort of sentiment for. She acknowledges that there are many reasons why a person might decide to keep an item. She, herself, is guilty of a few.

The radiant elder celeb says that she is prone to keeping things like letters, cards, and news articles that hold special meaning to her in some way. She has also said that she has been known to collect various sorts of memorabilia. Admittedly though, Betty says that as the years go by, collectibles and memorabilia become easier to let go. According to her, the longer you have it – the less likely you are to remember what the item signified for you in the first place.

Planning For The End

While no one ever wants to imagine a world without Betty White, this American legend has never shied away from the inevitable. In her book, the last standing Golden Girl she says that she has a lot of empathy for the person who carries the responsibility of sorting through her belongings after she passes. Betty fears that the ‘poor soul’ will feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of things she has inside her home. Unfortunately, she also admits she is not likely to change her hoarding habit now. Jokingly, Betty wishes those in care of her estate the best of luck in their task.

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