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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Aren’t Buying What Christine Brown Is Selling

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Christine Brown has been all over the headlines lately. She’s also been a pretty hot topic among Sister Wives fans. After TLC released the Sister Wives Season 16 trailer, fans learned how strained things really were between Christine and Kody. Given her recent real estate activity… Fans are convinced she has finally dumped Kody and ditched Flagstaff, Arizona. In fact, real estate records reveal she did purchase a duplex in Utah with a pretty hefty price tag.

She’s also looking a lot different these days. And, fans thought she was oozing some serious single lady vibes. According to Entertainment ChronicleSister Wives fans aren’t buying what Christine is selling. Fans don’t think she’s ready to split from Kody Brown. And, they don’t think she’s ready to leave Flagstaff.

Would Christine Brown really leave Kody?

Sister Wives is a reality TV show. And, everyone knows most TLC shows like the one that features Christine’s family contains a lot of staged scenes and scripted drama. So, fans are really only getting a sliver of the real story behind Christine and Kody Brown.

During the Season 16 trailer, Christine explains that Kody has a perfectly functioning marriage with Robyn. And, she doesn’t see the point in continuing to try to make her own marriage work when he’s happy with what he has that is working. Christine questions why she or anyone else would continue to leave themselves in such a torturous situation.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Christine Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

Will she really leave Flagstaff for Utah?

According to Entertainment ChronicleSister Wives fans aren’t buying what Christine is selling. They don’t think she is moving to Utah. And, they don’t think she’s leaving her family. In fact, fans chatting on Reddit are convinced this is nothing more than some huge stunt and swirl of drama to promote the new season. Fans have admittedly been pretty bored with the last few seasons of the series. Some have begged TLC to put Sister Wives out of its misery and cancel the series.

Fans have grown sick of the storyline that is Meri and Kody breaking up or not breaking up. So, it isn’t too farfetched for fans to think the whole idea of Christine leaving Kody and moving to Utah is just to get people interested in wanting to watch another season of the series.

Sister Wives Christine brown Youtube
Sister Wives Christine brown Youtube

Do you think Christine Brown is leaving Kody and Arizona? Or, do you think this is just to stir drama before the new season airs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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