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Lisa Vanderpump Shuts Down Latest Rumor As Utter Nonsense

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Lisa Vanderpump claims she is well aware of all the latest rumors circulating around her. Especially the ones about her possible return to Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The former RHOBH star took to Twitter on Tuesday to respond to the latest rumors, according to Us Weekley. Recent reports claim that Lisa reportedly has asked Bravo to pay her $2 million dollars for her return to the popular reality series.

“I have asked for no such thing lol…[no] conversation regarding ‘that’ at all,” Vanderpump tweets. Vanderpump claims she is now in a different place in her life and Bravo knows that. That means she has no immediate future plans of any to return to RHOBH.

‘I’m In A Different Place Now In Life’ Claims Lisa Vanderpump

Reality fans remember well when Lisa Vanderpump left the franchise following the very controversial season 9 Puppygate drama. The drama between Lisa and longtime friend and castmate Kyle Richards found the two bringing their friendship to a nasty end. During a March interview with podcast Getting Real with the Housewives, Lisa reveals her reasons behind her abrupt exit from the series.

Lisa reveals her reason for leaving is due to unhappiness. “I was very, very, very unhappy.” She also reveals it is tough to handle accusations of being a liar.

“To accuse me of selling a story, when you never get stories to come out of my restaurants, you know, so it was such an insult to me. It was about my heart, it was about the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which was something that was born out of complete compassion. I just thought, ‘I’m done with it.'”

Lisa Vanderpump Instagram

Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She Is Not A Liar

The entire situation was just more than Lisa Vanderpump claims she could handle. Lisa reveals people are always asking her if she would ever return. She claims “you can never say never.”

Vanderpump reveals, “because I always said I would never do a reality show in the first place.”

So now fans are wondering if Lisa feels the same way now that she has been outed by the RHOBH producer as the one who leaked the Puppygate story? As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, new details are unfolding following the release of the juicy new book, Dave Quinn’s Not All Diamonds and Rose: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives from The People Who Lived It.



In  the book he claims Lisa Vanderpump made the decision to leak the story because she was losing control of the series. As if that isn’t bad enough he also claims Lisa then began attempting to cover her tracks. She was asking producers to call a cast meeting. She was hoping to persuade the others to believe she is totally innocent of the accusations.

Interesting Turn Of Events

When Lisa’s demands were not met, she announced her departure from the show. So, it seems to most fans that it is highly unlikely that Lisa Vanderpump will ever return to Bravo’s RHOBH. However, it would certainly make for quite an interesting cast reunion. Fans are anxiously awaiting for the Puppygate topic to once again be raised among the Beverly Hills cast.

Until then, fans will sit back and finish out the Season 11 reunion getting all of the details of Erika Jayne’s divorce and financial, legal woes.

The RHOBH Season 11 Reunion Part 2 airs Wednesday, on Bravo.


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