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Chase Chrisley Tells Troll To ‘Eat Sh*t’ For Attacking His Sister Savannah

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Despite being both shorter and seemingly less mature, Chase Chrisley is Savannah’s big brother. He has a very strong bond with his little sister. And, he recently made it clear he will always be there to protect her.

Savannah Chrisley recently showed off some of the newest additions to her cosmetic line. And, an Instagram troll came for her HARD in the comments. Big brother Chase, however, was quick to jump in and defend his little sister.

What happened and what was said exactly? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Chase Chrisley Instagram

Savannah Chrisley shows off lip kits

Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram yesterday to show off her new lip kits. She noted in her caption that she wanted to do things a little differently with this set. And, she was confident these lip kits would give her customers the luscious and beautiful lips they were after.

Savannah was blurred out in the background of the photo as she held three lip kits close to the camera. They were clearly the focal point of this picture. Despite being blurred out, Savannah was still looking fabulous in the background.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Now, this Instagram post had absolutely nothing to do with her big brother Chase Chrisley. But, the Chrisley family is extremely close and they’ve always been all about family first. Despite the toxicity between the family and estranged sister Lindsie, both Chase and his father Todd have said they would be there for Lindsie in a heartbeat if she needed them because they are family.

Troll attacks, Chase Chrisley defends little sister

In a comment liked nearly a dozen times, an older gentleman told Savannah she “shouldn’t quit her day job.” The troll took aim at her hands noting that she did not have a career as a hand model. Now, Chase Chrisley was NOT the first to respond to this negative comment.

Savannah had several supportive followers who were quick to attack the individual. Many questioned why he felt the need to post something so negative on her profile.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Getting defensive of his little sister, Chase Chrisley was much more aggressive with his response. Calling the troll an “old timer” he encouraged him to “eat sh*t.” Chase’s response received tons of likes as Savannah’s followers loved seeing him stick up for his little sister.

While she decided to black out the individual’s username, Savannah did call attention to the negative comment on her Instagram Stories. She joked that she guessed she couldn’t have everything.

What do you think about Chase Chrisley rushing in to defend his little sister Savannah? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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