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Isabel Roloff Explains Why They’re Protecting Son From Judgy People

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Former Little People, Big World couple Jacob and Isabel Roloff are about to welcome their first baby, a son, to the world. Over the past few months, as the parents-to-be make preparations, they have shared lots of interesting updates on social media. Though the couple isn’t on the Roloff family’s show, they have large social media followings, thanks to their connection to the TLC show.

One topic they have spoken openly about on social media is not sharing their baby’s pictures online. They have addressed these privacy concerns before, but recently, Isabel shared even more details about this decision. They want to give their child more privacy, and they have stated that their baby won’t be able to give them consent to post pictures of them online. From what Isabel has shared so far, it looks like they may post pictures of the baby that don’t reveal his face. For example, they might share photos of the back of his head, similar to what Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo do with their children.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Jacob and Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Isabel Roloff Shares Concerns About Judgy People

In a new series of Instagram stories, Isabel further explained the decision she and Jacob made regarding their baby’s privacy. Based on her statements, it looks like some LPBW fans have mentioned the hypocrisy in Jacob and Isabel’s actions and words. The couple refers to their nieces and nephews as their “niblings” in one post.

Jacob Roloff Instagram
Jacob Roloff Instagram

Isabel writes, “Have we shared our niblings in the past? Yes, and that’s a valid question to raise, and I’ve had some good discussions in my messages in the last few days about it. As our feelings change about sharing our own son, so do our feelings about sharing them. Like I said, we’re growing and learning and will probably contradict ourselves at some point. This is a complicated issue!”

She continues, “On one hand, we’d love to be able to share our son. Truly, I think both of us would. But there are actual forums on the internet that talk about my sister in laws’ parenting and talk about my nieces and nephews. Children, people spend their time judging actual children. Energetically we don’t want to subject our son (or ourselves!) to any of that mess.”

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Isabel Roloff Instagram

Because Jacob and Isabel are in the public eye, they are subject to criticism from fans. They have gotten plenty of hate on social media for their various posts and pictures. So, it looks like they would just like to avoid that for their son if possible.

So, what do you think of Jacob and Isabel Roloff’s decision not to post photos of their kids? Do you agree that people are too judgy about other people’s children on the internet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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