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Khloe Kardashian Flips TV Commercial Ban The Bird While Topless

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Khloe Kardashian is pissed. The Good American co-founder recently decided to try a new marketing move – a television ad. Unfortunately, network television execs rejected the ad before it ever aired. Why? Because they found it “too sexy for television.” Read on to get the details about how Khloe reacted to the situation and what she plans to do about it.

Khloe’s New Television Ad Gets Axed

Good American has always been well known for its stylish and sexy ad campaigns. Previously, the brand relied mostly on social media advertising.  They have used web ads, billboards, and the power of influencers to get their products in the spotlight. Recently, Khloe and the Good American team attempted to reach their audience through a new medium – television. Unfortunately, the ad launch didn’t quite go as planned.

According to The Sun, Good American sent their video ad out to be aired on major networks. The ad was killed before it ever saw screentime. The news outlet learned that the networks found the short video clip, “too risque for television audiences.”

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The Ad Was Meant To Embrace Self Confidence And Body Positivity

The brand’s would-be television ad featured Khloe Kardashian on a bed in nothing but a pair of Good American jeans. The reality celeb went topless and rolled around on the bed with her chest covered by a beige bedsheet. Other than a brief split second of cleavage, there is nothing remotely ‘revealing’ in the video. You even had to stretch a bit to call her rolling on the bed “suggestive.” But, somehow – the networks found the need to censor it from their lineup.

Sadly, for Khloe, this ad campaign was all about body positivity and reinvigorating your confidence. Over the last few years, Khloe has been pounded by fans and the media over her looks and weight for years. This ad was something that made her feel good in her own skin and she is proud of it, whether it got television air time or not.

In the clip, while a gorgeous Khloe rolls around on a comfy-looking bed, her voice is dubbed over the visual. “It’s just different this time,” you hear the reality star say in a slow, sensual voice. “I feel good, I feel sexy like I don’t have to keep looking… I think I found the one.”

Clearly, the KUWTK star is referring to the fit of her jeans and how they make her feel. Sadly, it seems that a woman having self-confidence and feeling good about her body is just too much for ‘television audiences.’

Khloe Sends The Big ‘Eff You’ To Television Execs

While Khloe was obviously upset about the Good American ad being shut down, this Kardashian wasn’t going to take it lying down. The E! reality star quickly launched into a plan B to get the ad to the public. What gets almost as many eyes as a television commercial? A larger-than-life billboard sign on a very busy main road in Los Angeles. Earlier today on Instagram – a friend of Khloe’s happened to come across her billboard and took the opportunity to shout the celeb out on social media.

Khloe has received a ton of positive feedback about this campaign and the product which is definitely a slap in the face to network CEOs who felt the need to censor the tastefully shot commercial.

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