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Christine Brown Declares She’s Single, Sells Home, & Takes Dig At Kody

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Christine Brown of Sister Wives has been EXTRA BUSY as of late as she declared she was a single woman, officially sold her home, and took a dig at her husband (or maybe we should say her ex-husband) Kody.

Kody Brown - Sister wives Youtube
Kody Brown – Sister Wives Youtube

Christine Brown declares she’s single, sells home

The Sister Wives star sold her Arizona home she previously shared with her husband Kody earlier this month. She reportedly sold it for $700,000. As multiple outlets reported, the selling price was about $200,000 more than what she originally paid for it. It was in the legal documents involving the sale of the home, however, that people have started to notice something interesting.

According to The Sun, Christine Brown declared herself a single woman in the paperwork involving the sale of the home. Unsurprisingly, outlets immediately went wild with running stories on this being Christine Brown finally confirming she was single. It, however, might not be that simple. For financial reasons, tax reasons, and legal reasons, there are a lot of things that are only in Kody’s name or only in one of his wives’ names.

Sister Wives Christine Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Christine Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

Now, Kody Brown has explained on the show more than a few times the financial aspects of being a man with four different wives gets a little complicated when it comes to certain paperwork. So, it is possible her status as a single woman on her paperwork for the home really had nothing to do with her actual relationship status with Kody.

She, however, did take a dig at her husband Kody

As we previously reported, the Sister Wives Season 16 trailer paints a picture of a woman who is clearly very done with her marriage. Christine Brown doesn’t want to continue to pretend to be happy with Kody. And, she doesn’t want to live on the same land with her sister wives. In fact, she doesn’t want to stay in Arizona at all. She wants to move to Utah!

Why would I want to live on the property with a dysfunctional marriage where right over there he’s got a full-functioning marriage. Who would ever want to live like that?”

Sister Wives - Robyn - Kody - Christine Brown - Youtube
Sister Wives – Robyn – Kody – Christine Brown – Youtube

Sister Wives fans have suspected things were great between Kody and Christine since he transferred the family home to her prior to her selling it. Rumors continued to swirl when Christine expressed wanting to move back to Utah. Christine has NOT been spotted with Kody recently. But, she did take a vacation with Janelle and her children not too long ago.

Is Christine Brown of Sister Wives single now? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC star.

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