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Peter Weber Almost Went On ‘BIP,’ Why Didn’t He?

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The Bachelor Peter Weber is still searching for the one to make his heart happy. He’s been through multiple women within Bachelor Nation but none of them is his soul mate. However, the fact that nothing has worked out hasn’t stopped him from continuing to look. In fact, Peter admits he almost took the plunge and went on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. What stopped him?

Peter Weber almost went on Bachelor in Paradise

US Weekly caught up with Peter Weber and shared some interesting information with fans. In a recent interview, Peter confirmed he was asked by producers to be on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. Plus, he almost went! So, what stopped him and ultimately made him turn down the offer?

Peter said, “I was going to go. I don’t know for sure if I was going but was definitely considering it.” He continued saying, “Luckily, I got my class date for United [Airlines], so it made the decision for me and I was starting right as Paradise filming was going to start. That would have been a little weird for me. I don’t know. It would have been crazy.”

He thinks BIP would have been more successful for him

The 30-year-old pilot thinks Bachelor in Paradise would have been more successful for him. Peter said, “I think the only reason I would’ve considered it was just ‘cause it was the one avenue through that kind of world that I hadn’t tried yet.” He continued, “You see a lot of success stories come from it, so I think that’s what was, in my mind, perking my interests or whatnot. Maybe it could work, go in this avenue. I think, for me, I would have had a better chance of a successful relationship in that kind of environment. You just get to focus on one person or, you know, not 30 — with all the distractions that come with that. So that was the only reason my interest was kind of piqued, but I think everything obviously happens for a reason and [I’m] super happy where I’m at now.”

If he would have gone on the show he would have been the first former Bachelor to head to the beach. Becca Kufrin was the first former Bachelorette to make an appearance. It proved successful for her as she is still dating Thomas Jacobs post-show.

While Peter is hoping to not appear on the franchise next summer he said never say never. He also said he’s been casually dating but nothing serious or exclusive has developed.

Peter also mentioned it would be nice to date someone outside of Bachelor Nation. The reason being so the relationship would be more private and not so public.

What do you think about Peter Weber almost joining Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise?



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