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Wait, Did Lawson Bates Just LEAK His Engagement News?

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Things seem pretty serious between Lawson Bates and his girlfriend Tiffany Espensen. Fans have been impatiently waiting for an engagement announcement. So far, no news has come. But Lawson recently shared a photo that may have accidentally leaked his engagement news.

For months, fans have been thinking about when Lawson could propose to Tiffany. Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes’ wedding is right around the corner. Katie Bates and Travis Clark will tie the knot in December. So, Lawson could be waiting for those events to pass over. But Tiffany’s parents recently spent some time in Tennessee where the Bates family lives, giving Lawson an opportunity to pop the question.

Tiffany Espensen Instagram
Tiffany Espensen Instagram

He hasn’t shared a clear message announcing they’re engaged, but they do seem to be heading that way, especially with his latest post. So, what did he post, and how might he have given some news away?

Lawson Bates drops an engagement hint.

On his Instagram stories, Lawson posted a photo of a table at a coffee shop. He tagged his girlfriend in the post too. On the table, there’s a laptop, two books, and coffee cups. Interestingly, one of the books is called Pray Big for Your Marriage by Will Davis.

Lawson Bates Instagram
Lawson Bates Instagram

Per the Amazon description, the book is “complete with a month long prayer plan.” The description continues, stating that the book “teaches readers how to pray for emotional and spiritual intimacy, the spiritual growth of a spouse, purpose in marriage, protection from temptation, and much more. Pray Big for Your Marriage is for all couples: those trying to save their marriage, enjoying marital bliss, or getting married soon.”

It’s possible that the couple is reading this in preparation for their marriage, even if they aren’t already engaged. If they aren’t engaged, they are certainly heading that way.

Could the couple already be engaged?

It’s possible that Lawson and Tiffany are already engaged. There are a number of reasons that they could be waiting to announce it publicly. For one, Bringing Up Bates is currently filming. So, if the proposal was filmed, Tiffany and Lawson may not be allowed to announce their engagement until that episode airs.

It’s also possible that the pair doesn’t want to steal the show from Katie and Travis or Nathan and Esther. With so many weddings coming up, Lawson and Tiffany might be waiting until things have died down for the rest of the family.

There’s no way to know for sure whether Lawson and Tiffany are engaged. Until they announce it themselves, fans will continue to speculate. Whether or not they are engaged now, the fact that they are reading a marriage book together proves they are at least thinking about tying the knot.

So, do you think that Lawson Bates and Tiffany Espensen are already engaged? Or do you think they are just heading in that direction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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