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Pieper James Reflects On Time Since Brendan Morais Split

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Bachelor Nation has not been happy with Pieper James and Brendan Morais. They deny they went on Bachelor in Paradise for each other and for Instagram followers. However, they were caught on camera talking about followers and wanting to pick up their relationship where they left off. Natasha Parker was the one hurt the most in all of their drama. Eventually, the two left the show and suffered the consequences. Their followers dropped by thousands. Plus, they ultimately broke up. Now, Pieper is talking about the rough times since their split.

Pieper James talks about tough times since Brendan Morais split

Pieper James went to Instagram to talk about how she’s handled things since she and Brendan Morais split. She started out by saying, “A letter to those asking where I’ve been.”

The next slide of her story said, “I first want to start by saying this is a letter to everybody who’s been so sweet and asking where I’ve been or, when I occasionally post, saying that they miss seeing me on my Instagram. I’m sure it’s no secret that the last month has been pretty hard mentally for me.”

Pieper’s next slide went on to say that she’s been trying to focus on her mental health. She revealed she suffers from anxiety and has been in therapy for it for many years.

She said, “My anxiety stems from control, or lack of control over situations in my life.” Pieper continued, “The situations vary, from not having my schedule organized during the week, to not being able to control what people will say about me online and many factors in between. As you can imagine, the latter has been a contributing factor as to why I’ve been off Instagram frequently the last month.”

She also said she’s trying to live in the moment and focus on the positive relationships in her life.

Pieper concluded by saying, “I am working on living a life driven by happiness, passion, and joy not one where I’m a product of anxious thoughts and an unsettled mind.” She also said, “Thank you for allowing me to take some time to live in the moment. Thank you for allowing me to continue to find myself and grow.”

Pieper James encouraged anyone feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed to take time to reflect and take time to find joy.

Their time together

Pieper and Brendan did have a preshow relationship. Brendan played it off as not very serious. Pieper seemed more invested in it. She obviously had her eye on him because when she walked onto the beach she cared nothing about anyone else but Brendan.

At one point during their date she even thanked him for playing the game to be there when she arrived.

As for Natasha Parker, she is moving on and finding her own joy. Her following has increased by thousands and many are even hoping ABC will cast her as the next lead for The Bachelorette. 

What do you think about Brendan and Pieper going their separate ways?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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