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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Ethan And Olivia Finally Talk Again

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Welcome to Plathville has been full of ups and downs lately, especially with Ethan and Olivia Plath. They have recently split up for a bit of time. Now, a preview for the next episode shows that they are finally talking to each other. What will happen next?

Welcome to Plathville Ethan and Olivia finally talk

Last week on Welcome to Plathville Olivia talked about how she moved out of her home with Ethan and into a house with her friend. At one point, she goes back to the house to get some of her things. Upon arrival, she found a note from Ethan saying that he left. Of course, this concerned Olivia. In this new episode though, they will finally talk about it Popculture reveals.

“I just— with everything going on between me and Olivia, I literally felt like I didn’t know what to do and I could not mentally or physically process any of it,” he says when talking about the fact that he ran off leaving only a note. “I literally felt like I was losing my mind if I didn’t take a break.”

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Ethan explains to Olivia exactly what happened and what he needed. He says that he needed to work through what was going on – totally understandable.

“Well, what I really needed really was just some time to think things through without any distractions,” he says. “Like without having to work, without having to deal with unsolved problems, you know. Sorry if I left you hanging.”

Of course, Olivia Plath is more than understanding about the situation. She seems to continue to listen to Ethan while he tells his side of the story.

“The main thing I want is a family. And I want to have that family with someone that I truly love,” he tells his wife.

Then, the big question comes. Can Ethan accept Olivia despite all of her changes? She has changed a lot in the last few years and Ethan likes to point that out. Will Olivia Plath be the one to mother his children one day?

“The biggest question that I had to ask myself was if I could really accept you for who you are – who you’ve become – because a lot of things have changed. The bottom line at the end of the day that I’ve always asked myself over the past week or so is given that’s what I want, is there anyone else that I would want that with?”

Have you been watching Season 3 of Welcome to Plathville? Do you think Ethan and Olivia Plath will stay together. Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite TLC stars.

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    1. Olivia&Ethan want to influence the way his parents want to raise their children, they would never let his parents have any say if they have kids Olivia is very selfish, making it si they cant go to daughters gig.

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