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Riley Christian Shares If He’s Spoken To Brendan Morais Since ‘BIP’

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Since Riley Christian was a big part of getting people on the beach for the wrong reasons to go home, fans want to know his thoughts. In a recent interview on Bachelor Happy Hour with Becca Kufrin and Tia Booth, he reveals if he’s been in contact with Brendan or not.

Riley and Brendan Morais were friends because they met during their time pursuing the Bachelorette. Riley was very vocal about Chris Conran and Alana Milne, but less so about Pieper James and Brendan Morais. Fans felt like he and a lot of the others were friends with Brendan. So, they didn’t want to say anything. Ultimately, once confronted, Brendan and Pieper left with their tails between their legs while fans cheered.

Has Riley Christian Talked To Brendan?

Riley Christian didn’t know the extent of Brendan and Pieper’s plans until he watched the show. He said, “I am just as surprised, shocked, and appalled as everybody else watching the show right now. I am texting people like, ‘What the hell am I watching?'” According to Bachelor Nation, he said the conversations he saw on screen weren’t in his face.  He said it came out they were a couple during their one-on-one, which he didn’t tag along for.

Riley acknowledges fan’s outrage was completely justified. What disappointed him the most was Brendan’s comments about Natasha. Natasha Parker had been pursuing a relationship with Brendan and felt completely blindsided when Pieper showed up. Brendan had reassured her they’d only hung out casually twice. When Pieper arrived and Natasha talked to her she found out he’d lied. Riley said had he known the things Brendan was saying about Natasha behind her back, he would have spoken up. He said he always holds his friends accountable. Several other cast members have said the same thing. They are just as shocked as the fans at what they heard.

Riley Christian, Instagram

The Attorney Has Reached Out

Riley Christian said he reached out to Brendan at least four times and hasn’t gotten a response. He’s disappointed because he doesn’t understand the silent treatment. He wants to talk to him and see if they can remain friends. Riley said, “sometimes you do just need some time to yourself to think and make sure you have your head on straight.”

Christian said the silence is, “surprising and a bit disappointing.” He hopes if he does reach out it’s because he’s truly sorry. He said he doesn’t think he’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t be genuine. Riley said Brendan is under a lot of pressure right now, so he’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. What do you think about Brendan not responding to Riley?

Comment with your thoughts down below. More drama is sure to come to the beach this coming Tuesday night!

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