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Erika Jayne Compares Herself To ‘Street Fighter’ Character Chun-Li

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Erika Jayne is causing controversy once again. Fans think The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star should take a break from social media. However, Erika flatly refused when one critic suggested that she should delete her Twitter profile. While Erika takes a break here and there, she enjoys the support that she still gets from her fans.

Most Bravo fans criticized Erika’s behavior, both on and off the show. Even Dorit Kemsley’s husband PK Kemsley shared his thoughts on Erika’s controversial social media posts. As for Erika, she doesn’t care. She didn’t heed the warning that she should avoid social media during a legal trial. Instead, she’s using it to stir up more trouble for herself.

Erika Jayne gets compared to Chun-Li

The Pretty Mess star is ready to fight. It seems like she’s fighting a lot of battles these days. Erika Jayne is currently at odds with most of her RHOBH co-stars. She’s also battling critics and haters on social media, as previously mentioned. She agreed with a fan who compared her with the Street Fighter character Chun-Li.

Chun-Li is the female protagonist in the popular video game from the ’90s. She made her debut in Street Fighter II. Chun-Li is a popular character since she was the first female fighter in the series. She studied martial arts and fought to seek revenge for the death of her father at the hands of M. Bison.

However, she looks nothing like Erika. Rather, she’s Asian. That fact didn’t stop one fan from comparing Erika to Chun-Li. On Monday, September 13, an RHOBH fan posted a compilation of the reality star with the caption: “call her Chun Li!”

Erika caught wind of the fan’s tweet and reposted it to her timeline. Apparently, she agrees with the fan. The user who goes by the handle @woke_stan shared some of Erika’s iconic looks from this season and seasons past. As of today, the post received 543 likes.

RHOBH fans sound off

Not everyone agrees with the fan. Some think that Erika Jayne is nothing like Chun-Li. They took to the original tweet to share their thoughts. Yet, most of the comments were mixed. Here is just a handful with them:

  • Learn about the victims that paid for your clothes’ hair and makeup. [Link to YouTube video].”
  • Love Erika soo much!!! Absolutely gorgeous as always!!!”
  • “She always looks amazing.”
  • “Erika is so embarrassing.”

One user felt that Erika needed a dose of humility since she retweeted it to her timeline. Another wondered if the Twitter account was her alt account as it shares a lot of support for the singer. Some disagreed with the fan and think she shouldn’t be compared to such an iconic video game character. They don’t see any similarity between the two.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Erika Jayne should be compared to Chun-Li? Do you think she’s a fighter? Sound off below in the comments.

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