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‘Darcey And Stacey’ Season 2 Episode 9- September 13 Recap

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Last week on Darcey and Stacey, the twins finally arrived in Turkey for their epic makeovers. Darcey had a lot on her mind after the way she left things with Georgi. He had been awfully cold while Stacey was hiding something from her sister. She and Florian are waiting on the blood results from the gynecologists regarding her cyst and such. They want to have a baby but Stacey has yet to tell her sister. She does not know if it is the right time to share this information when Darcey is struggling with Georgi.

Additionally, Georgi decided to reach out to Darcey’s ex, Jesse since she contacted his ex-wife, Octavia. It did not go so well. Over in Turkey, the girls started with their first procedure- the teeth. It will be a few days at a villa then off to Istanbul to get “snatched” and anything can happen.

Darcey and Stacey Stomping Around Town

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

The girls have a day off from surgery so they are walking around Bodrum. They have dressed in their best boho-chic ensembles and just want to take in the sights. Funny enough, they are trekking around in super high heels. The producer asks Darcey and Stacey if there is any chance they will walk in practical shoes. This is like a Jeopardy question for them. Their shoes hurt like crazy but they need to be on-trend.

Off to a yacht ride, living it up. They are having a great time, posing and taking photos together. Each demonstrates how to model the perfect snatched face. With a lift of the dresses and arms, they give their old bodies to the world. It appears the Silva twins are ready for what awaits them. Firstly, Stacey needs to share some news with her sister. Before this can happen, Darcey gets sentimental as she recalls the last time she was on a boat. It was when she got engaged to Georgi.

They talk about making wishes on the boat and Stacey says she already has. It is now or never to share her baby plans. She tells her they are looking into freezing her eggs but that she does have a cyst on her ovary. Darcey goes to the worst-case scenario yet Stacey tells her they will know soon enough. Their minds go to cancer but ultimately it is all about being healthy.

Aniko’s New Life

Now that Darcey’s eldest daughter is sixteen, she has a lot to look forward to. Sadly, her birthday party was canceled due to COVID. Luckily, grandpa Mike was around to take her to get her permit while Darcey is in Turkey. She passed and has to wait four months to get her license. Grandpa will be the one to teach her to drive and help celebrate these moments.

He took her and her sister, Aspen to Sonic after she got her permit and they finally called their mom. She seemed very excited but there is more going on in Aniko’s life. After years of contemplating it, she has signed up for a pageant. She got a coach and is going to give it a go just once in her life. Grandpa tells her he will help if she is committed to it. Those are his stipulations.

The Results Are Ready For Darcey and Stacey

Darcey and Stacey Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Florian has always told Stacey not to worry. She appreciates how laid back he is but also needs someone to really hold her hand. He explains to the producers he almost died as a little boy. Florian had very high fevers and would go to the hospital for several years. The doctors would tell his parents he was not going to make it yet he did. So it explains why he does not always trust what every doctor has to say. He puts his faith in miracles and God.

On the video call, the doctor says Stacey does not have to worry about the cyst. Unfortunately, the blood tests were not very promising in regards to her egg count. Therefore, getting pregnant naturally or freezing eggs is not be an option. Florian can see his wife stressed and sad and that is what hurts him the most. At home, Georgi is feeling bad about contacting Jesse and needs to feel alive again. So, he goes to get botox.

He is feeling great but back in Turkey, Stacey is devastated. She calls Florian who does not want her to stress before her surgery. Yet, she cannot just relax. She feels awful she cannot give him a biological child. He believes another doctor can deliver different news or it is just the two of them. They bicker until she closes the laptop on him.

Next week, the girls get their official new smiles while Aniko practices for the pageant. At the same time, Stacey tells Darcey that Georgi called Jesse. Now she must decide if it is enough to end it all. Watch Darcey and Stacey every Monday on TLC.

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  1. Darcy needs a Psychiatrist. She has to many insecurities to be in a real relationship right now. I cannot even believe I watch this show. It’s like watching a train slowly drive off the tracks into the ocean down below.

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