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‘SW’: Meri Brown Cuts Ties With Kody & His Other Three Wives

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Meri Brown appears to have cut ties with Kody and all three of his other wives. How exactly has Meri cut ties with Kody and his other three wives? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown continues to send mixed information to fans

As we previously reported, Meri Brown has been a little more open to responding to comments regarding her family on social media. We know she was quick to correct the fact that Robyn Brown’s children are also her children. She’s also quick to remind fans she is still married to Kody and she still has three sister wives. That being said, her recent social media activity contradicts everything she’s said in defense of the family she claims she’s still a part of.

Sister Wives Janelle - Christine - Robyn - Meri/Youtube
Sister Wives Janelle – Christine – Robyn – Meri/Youtube

TLC star cuts ties with Kody and his other three wives

A quick scroll through Meri Brown’s Instagram page reveals there isn’t a very long list of people she follows. Turns out, she’s recently unfollowed nearly everyone attached to her husband Kody Brown. This includes all three of his other wives Robyn, Janelle, and Christine. In fact, Meri has also unfollowed nearly all of Kody’s children that have Instagram profiles as well.

This is a move that has Sister Wives fans baffled as this was a woman who was just defending her marriage and family that she was still very much a part of on Instagram recently. Has something changed that caused an even bigger rift between Meri and the rest of her family?

Meri Brown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

Now, it is possible Meri Brown unfollowed nearly everyone connected to her husband Kody and his other wives just to stir the pot. After all, many fans believe that is the same reason Meri Brown posts so many cryptic messages on Instagram. Is she just trying to create some drama to hype up the family before Season 16 drops?

Are you surprised to see Meri Brown has cut ties with Kody and his other three wives? Doesn’t this go against her recent actions of defending her family on Instagram? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on the Sister Wives family.

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