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Demi Burnett Says Brendan Dated Her For One Reason

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When Demi Burnett showed up on the beach, she didn’t care whose man she took. After talking to everyone, Brendan was the lucky man. He went on the date with her, made out with her, and they had a good time.

Then, he said he didn’t want to get serious about her and that they would still talk to other people. Brendan had been acting shady on the beach. He seemed closed off even though he kept insisting he and Natasha had a connection.

Demi has some things to say about why Brendan took her on a date on her TikTok. She captioned it, “the nerve.” Demi’s TikTok following is currently at almost 30,000. Her Instagram has 1.2 million.

The Rumors Started To Spread Around The Beach

While Demi Burnett and Brendan were on their date, the rumor he was dating Pieper James from Matt’s season started making the rounds. They were convinced he was just waiting on Pieper to show up. Demi said that was just utter crap and she got over it, but Natasha continued to pursue him.

Demi Burnett, TikTok

Then Pieper showed up. When she came to the beach she went straight for him. Not only did they go to their one-on-one but they talked about how they’d planned to be there together. Natasha wasn’t having it. Some fans came for Demi saying she was in a relationship when she came on last time. The difference, she was open and honest about it with Derek Peth who she was seeing. He defended her when people said she had done him wrong.

Demi Burnett Knows Why He Took Her

Now, that Pieper and Brendan’s game has been revealed, Demi commented on the situation after watching the latest episode. Demi Burnett shared on Twitter and TikTok why she thinks Brendan went on a date with her. It wasn’t to take things to the Boom Boom Room. It was for followers.

On TikTok, she said, “it just hit me Brendan just went on that date with me because I have the most Instagram followers.” She said she fell for it, but it was so disrespectful. Brendan and Pieper have been getting a lot of hate from Bachelor nation. Their followers are dropping, but they seem to be basking in the attention. Pieper made a TikTok to the Lizzo song with the line, “the rumors are true.” She captioned it, “showing up to Paradise.” It’s worth noting, she turned off her comments so no one can throw hate at her.

Pieper James, TikTok

Several people commented things like, “justice for Natasha,” on her video. Fans were angry, another said, “when he said she didn’t have prospects and said she had selective hearing I love it.” What are your thoughts on Pieper and Brendan’s plan? Do you think it will backfire on them as they lose followers? Comment with all your thoughts below.

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