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‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Courtney Waldrop Chalks Up Another HUGE Milestone

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Courtney Waldrop took to Instagram yesterday to share another HUGE milestone with Sweet Home Sextuplets fans. Turns out, her six little ones completed their first official day of preschool. The proud former reality TV mother shared a sweet picture of the six munchkins as she chalked up this massive milestone.

Waldrop family Instagram
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Huge milestone leaves Waldrops exhausted

It was a big day for the Waldrop sextuplets. It was also a big day for Courtney and her husband too! The sextuplets enjoyed their very first day of preschool. And, the Waldrop parents probably worried about their first day. Likewise, however, the parents probably enjoyed having a moment to themselves.

“And just like that the FIRST Day of THREE Year Old Preschool has come and gone….another milestone in the books,” Courtney Waldrop penned in the caption as she shared an array of photos. For the first day of school, it appears as if Courtney opted for matching outfits for the sextuplets. The six little ones had bright smiles on their faces as they seemed really excited to embrace the day.

Courtney Waldrop continued to explain the first day of school really wore all six of the little ones out. She, however, assumed them being so tired meant they had both a great and successful first day.

and now I’m sitting in the van as 6 very tired little ones are snoozing away
I think that means they had a great day Nothing like a good nap after some fun!!”

Waldrop Screenshot

Fans react to Courtney Waldrop’s Instagram post

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans were in love with their adorable first day of school outfits. They thought this was a precious moment for the family. And, they were so excited Courtney Waldrop was kind enough to share this moment with them.

Some fans noted they hoped Courtney and her husband found a little alone time to enjoy the kids being away for a short period of time. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments of the post.

  • “Oh my I hope you had some time for yourself.”
  • “Looking adorable, as always! So glad they had a great first day at Preschool!!”
  • “I was so ready for your post, anxiously waiting for these adorable pictures!! Glad they had a great first day!!!”

Turns out, some fans admit they were anxious to hear about the first day of school. Do you think Courtney Waldrop and her husband are enjoying the six little ones going to school? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this former TLC family.

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