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Jedidiah Duggar Packs On The Pounds, Katey Nakatsu To Blame?

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Some followers of the Duggar family think Jedidiah is looking a lot more like his brother Josh these days as he has packed on some serious pounds since marrying Katey Nakatsu. The question coming up now is whether Katey Nakatsu is to blame for Jed Duggar’s weight gain?

Now, gaining weight after getting married is pretty common. A person gets married, they get comfortable, and maybe they get a spouse that cooks them lots of delicious meals. So, they gain weight. And, jokingly, they blame their spouse for it. Unfortunately, it goes a little deeper than that with the Duggar family and their beliefs. Turns out, the wife DOES get blamed for weight gain under the faith and beliefs the Duggar family follows. And, this is NOT in a good or joking way.

Confused? Keep reading. We’ll try to explain.

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Jedidiah Duggar packs on pounds, Katey Nakatsu blamed

It was on the Duggar Snark subreddit that followers of the family noticed Jed Duggar has gained some weight. They shared a recent photo of him and his wife. They added that Jedidiah Duggar was looking A LOT more like Josh Duggar these days.

One individual in the thread questioned why it was acceptable for men of the faith to gain weight. But, it was a horrible sin for a woman to do it.

“Oh so they don’t get shamed for being a bad Christian for gaining weight like women do?” The individual questioned.

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Women get blamed for weight gain, not men

Another individual chimed in to clarify weight gain was frowned upon for both men and women. But, the men didn’t get shamed for gaining weight. Their wives get blamed for not caring for them properly and causing them to gain weight.

The individual clarified: “Actually, the women get shamed when their husbands gain weight. Remember when Josh gained weight and Anna got blamed for cooking him unhealthy food?” They added that they “wished” they could say they were making the story up, but it was very true.

So, within their religious beliefs, Katey Nakatsu WOULD be the one to get blamed for Jed Duggar packing on the pounds.

Do you think it is fair that Katey Nakatsu gets blamed because Jedidiah Duggar gained weight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC family.

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