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Isabel Roloff: Celebrating Her Pregnancy & Respecting Tori’s Loss

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Isabel Roloff is ecstatic that she is pregnant, but she also understands the pain others may find in her happiness. In a heartfelt note, the Little People, Big World star sends love to those struggling with loss or infertility. It almost seems that Isabel is speaking directly to her sister-in-law, Tori Roloff. 

Tori Roloff Finds Solace With One Sister-In-Law, Feuds With Another 

Tori and Zach Roloff recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. The Roloff family and LPBW fans embraced Tori with open arms. She used to be close with Zach’s brother Jeremy, and his wife, Audrey. However, the foursome reportedly had a falling out over an argument between Jeremy and Zach. 

To make matters worse, Tori is rumored to be upset that Audrey Roloff got pregnant so quickly. Jeremy and Audrey announced in early July that they are having baby number three in November. Why would that upset Tori? She is still recovering emotionally from having a miscarriage in early 2021. She’s found that getting pregnant with her rainbow baby isn’t as easy as people say. 

Tori’s other sister-in-law, Isabel Roloff, is also pregnant. She is expecting her first child with husband, Jacob Roloff in December.

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

While Tori didn’t seem to congratulate Audrey on social media, she did congratulate Isabel. Fans think Isabel is being more supportive of Tori than Audrey is. 

Isabel Roloff Recognizes Her Pregnancy May ‘Trigger’ Sadness in Other Women – Is She Talking About Tori? 

Isabel Roloff is all about positivity and sending out good vibes. She seems more in touch with other people’s feelings than some of the other members of the Roloff family. It’s no surprise, then, that Isabel is considering how her pregnancy makes others feel. 

Yes, the reality star is beyond happy about her pregnancy. And yes, so are many of her followers. However, Isabel knows that others are struggling to get pregnant or deal with a lost pregnancy. To those people, Isabel Roloff wants them to know she sees them and hears them. 

In a heartfelt note on her Instagram Stories, Isabel Roloff addresses those who may find her pregnancy posts upsetting. She feels immense “gratitude” for her pregnancy. She also acknowledges that her baby bump photos may be “triggering” for some. 

To those people, she sends “so much love.” Isabel Roloff wants them to know she is with them during their most difficult times. 

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Lilah and Jackson Bring Tori Joy 

Tori Roloff hopes to have a third child someday, but she still showers her two kids, Jackson and Lilah, with love. She and Zach have been taking the kids on all kinds of adventures this summer. Jackson went with Tori to Disneyland. Then the family of four went to the lake, which wore Lilah out. 

The foursome recently spent some time in a hotel. Tori shared an adorable video of Lilah splashing in the hotel pool. 

Do you think Isabel Roloff was addressing her sister-in-law in her heartfelt note? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

The next few episodes of Little People, Big World will be tough for Tori Roloff to relive. In the last episode, she told her in-laws about her pregnancy. Sadly, in the coming episodes, she will find out she’s lost the baby. 

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays on TLC. 

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