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Is This A Sign ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Will Be Canceled?

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Since TLC canceled Counting Onfans are worried about the future of UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates. Though the shows are not directly related and are on two different networks, the families are close to each other. Many people who watch Counting On also watch Bringing Up Bates.

Fans want to make sure that they will be able to watch the Bates family on UPtv. For now, the show hasn’t been canceled or renewed. So, viewers are eagerly awaiting an update from the network about the show’s future.

Some think the network’s silence is a sign that the show could be over, but it’s not uncommon for networks to wait to share news on renewals or cancelations. Plus, production could have been delayed due to the pandemic. It could be a couple of months until we hear whether the Bates family will return to UPtv.

There are still plenty of family moments that could be filmed and featured on the show. For example, both Katie Bates and Nathan Bates are getting married later this year. So, it likely wouldn’t be canceled due to a lack of content, but it could come to an end for another reason.

Esther Keyes Instagram, Nathan Bates
Esther Keyes Instagram

Could the Bringing Up Bates family be moving to social media, YouTube?

Over on RedditBringing Up Bates viewers discussed the possible end of the show. One user, in particular, thinks the show could be coming to an end. They write, “It seems like a lot of the kids have their own youtube channels (looks like Nathan and Esther are might start one) and all the girls have pretty active instagrams. It seems like their show is reposts of stuff they’ve already posted on social media. Not really sure if it serves any purpose for them anymore.”

Other viewers chimed in to share their opinions. Some think that the show could end soon because there are other ways to keep up with the family in real-time. One fan points out that those who watch the show may not use social media or YouTube, so they don’t have another way to follow along.

Someone else writes, “No, I don’t think the show will end anytime soon unless that network goes under or the family has something really scandalous happen.”

Is Bringing Up Bates Ending? from BringingUpBates

So, do you think that Bringing Up Bates is going to be canceled or renewed? What do you think is next for the family? Let us know in the comments below.

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