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‘Love Island USA’: What To Know About Casa Amor, Including Air Date

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Love Island USA fans are anticipating the return of Casa Amor. They’re hoping that it will shake up some of the couples. Some of them have been dying for some drama. Unfortunately, “Operation Heart Attack” didn’t bring the level of excitement they’ve been looking for.

The viewers are growing restless with the show. They want something to happen – especially after they watch these couples interact on an almost nightly basis. Since the constant love triangles are getting a little tiring, fans are wanting to see some fresh faces. One of the best parts about the CBS dating show is that the hot new islanders test some of the relationships.

What is Casa Amor?

Love Island USA rarely follows the original format of Love Island UK except when it comes to Casa Amor. The American version first introduced the infamous place during Season 2. Viewers loved how much drama it caused among the couples. Some islanders questioned their relationships, while others couldn’t help but wonder what was happening on the other side of the island.

Casa Amor made for great television. It’s the place where relationships go through the ultimate test. It happens when the couples get split up and are forced into a different villa. The boys are introduced to a new group of girls, while their partners will meet a new group of boys.

The islanders have to decide whether they want to stay with their partners, or if they want to give in to temptation. When Casa Amor ends, the couples reunite and have a big decision to make. They will decide whether they will stay together or recouple with someone new. It looks like Casa Amor could be happening soon since we’re almost halfway into the show.

When will Casa Amor air on Love Island USA Season 3?

The Love Island USA Twitter page teased that Casa Amor will be coming soon. Season 2 debuted Casa Amor on Episode 16. The show is currently on Episode 12, which means the air date is soon. The exact timing of Casa Amor isn’t known, but it could be happy before the end of July.

Fans are hoping that it will shake things up among the couples. Some of them think that Josh Goldstein will drop Shannon St. Claire for another beautiful blonde. Javonny Vega could make good use of his newfound singledom now that Olivia Kaiser finally set him free. But first – fans have to find out if he will be saved on Friday night’s episode.

If he’s saved, Javonny could find his connection in Casa Amor. Or, he could have a lot of fun with the ladies. Melvin “Cinco” Holland could forget all about Trina Njorge and Cashay Proudfoot once he steps foot in Casa Amor. Or, he could have a revelation that he has feelings for Cashay. Anything can happen in Casa Amor.

Love Island airs Friday night at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. You can also stream new episodes on Paramount+.

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