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Is Isabel Roloff Worried How Pregnancy Will Impact Her Eating Disorder?

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Little People, Big World fans love that Isabel Roloff keeps it real on social media. Fans have seen her through her ups and downs of navigating married life after her wedding to Jacob Roloff. Now her followers will join Isabel on her journey to motherhood. Jacob and Isabel will become first-time parents later this year. How does her pregnancy affect her eating disorder? Keep reading for her candid response. 

LPBW Alum Opens Up About Eating Disorder After Wedding Dress Snafu 

It’s been almost two years since Isabel’s best/worst day of her life. Her wedding day to Jacob Roloff. The happiness and pure joy she felt was almost ruined by trolls. In the hours after her wedding, photos of her dress went viral. And LPBW fans had a lot of comments about the dress and Isabel’s appearance. Not all of them positive. 

In fact, the rude comments got so out of hand, Isabel took to her Instagram to chide people. In calling out the trolls, Isabel Roloff spoke out about her eating disorder. 

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

According to the LPBW alum, it’s something she’d struggled with her whole life. However, with therapy, she finally had a handle on her body image issues. 

Her recent pregnancy announcement caused some concern among her followers that her ED may be triggered.

What Do We Know About Baby Roloff?

If you missed the announcement, Isabel and Jacob Roloff will welcome their first child in December. In the pregnancy announcement, they revealed that they are expecting a little boy. In a recent question-and-answer on her Instagram Stories, Isabel dropped more details. 

For one: Yes, she did consider that she might be having twins. An ultrasound revealed just one baby… this time. But according to Isabel, twins run in her family and Jacob’s family. She could absolutely have twins in the future, and she’s okay with that. 

Isabel also let fans know that her morning sickness has been mild so far. Some fans were worried about her raising a baby in the “van life.” Click here to read her response. 

While Isabel Roloff answered many fans’ questions in a quick q-and-a, she saved one question for a longer reply. Several fans sent Isabel DMs asking about how she plans to manage her eating disorder during her pregnancy. 

How Isabel Roloff Will Keep Her Control of Body Image Issues During Pregnancy 

Isabel Roloff is already around five months along in her pregnancy. She kept her baby bump a secret until she was ready to announce. In fact, fans think that’s why she wasn’t in any photos at Audrey Roloff’s birthday party, though she did attend. 

Now that her pregnancy is out in the open, Isabel Roloff is sharing more photos of her growing baby bump. However, some fans were concerned about how Isabel’s pregnancy weight gain may trigger her eating disorder. 

The LPBW star dedicated an Instagram Story slide to answering their concern. She wrote that her eating disorder is in the “past.” Furthermore, she now has a “deep and profound love” for her body. 

That doesn’t mean it isn’t “challenging” at times, especially when it comes to weighing herself. 

However, she is “welcoming the change” if it means she will finally fulfill her dream of having a baby. 

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

In another slide, she talked about her pregnancy cravings. Unlike most people who crave sweets, Isabel said she craved “meat and smoothies.” She did give in to the cravings, but is still aware of her eating disorder. 

She shared an adorable baby bump picture with a tribute to her body that “knows exactly what to do somehow.” 

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Did you know Isabel Roloff suffers from an eating disorder? Will it affect her pregnancy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Both Isabel and Audrey Roloff are documenting their respective pregnancies on their social media. We’ll be following along on their pregnancy journeys. Bookmark Tv Shows Ace so you don’t miss it! 

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