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Katie Thurston Slams Fashion Haters About Her Looks

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Katie Thurston is on her journey to find love. While people love her as The Bachelorette, they are slamming her fashion choices. Now, she’s shutting all of the haters down.

Katie Thurston slams haters

The Bachelorette is already almost over and fans seem to love watching her journey unfold. One thing they do not like is her fashion choices. Katie tends to dress in a very typical millennial fashion. That is making the Gen Z viewers a bit angry Us Magazine says.

Unfortunately, they do not approve of her style.

After a date on Monday’s episode where Katie wore skinny jeans, low-top sneakers, a t-shirt, and some skinny jeans, she made it clear she was not taking any hate from the fashion police.

“Skinny jeans and side part. Come for me Gen Z. #TheBachlorette,” she writes.

This is in response to the hate she’s been getting.

“You’re my favorite bachelorette but I will come for you. Just cuff your jeans pls queen,”’

“But like why not even a V neck,” one person criticizes.

Someone else likes her look except for her shirt. “I thought you looked great! I just wish you had a different shirt!”

Katie Thurston | Instagram

“Look I get that some people like side parts but there’s no need for Katie Thurston’s hair to be parted that far over.”

“Why do the stylists hate Katie do you think.” Someone asks. Katie responds with a bit of a clap back saying “I dress myself,” she responds.

This isn’t the first time…

This isn’t the first time she has shut the haters down. In fact, in June she had to do the same thing. She decided then to block anyone that commented on her fashion and hair choices.

“All right, I’m creating a new rule for myself. Anyone who wants to message me about my part, or my fashion or lack thereof, I’m just gonna block you,” she said to those hating on her.

Clearly, that didn’t work because she is still getting some hate from fans. Hopefully, since she does dress herself, fans can just start to accept her for her. Who cares if she wears her hair in a side part? It certainly doesn’t affect her ability to fall in love.

Do you watch The Bachelorette?  Let us know what you think of Katie’s style in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation stars and find out who Katie picks at the end of her season.

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