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Anime Fans BLAST Netflix: What Happened To ‘Hunter X Hunter’ Season 5 & 6?!

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Anime fans were thrilled with today being July 1, 2021, because it was supposed to be the Netflix release date for Hunter X Hunter Season 5 and 6. But, as subscribers logged into their streaming service to binge through the new episodes they were met with huge disappointment. What happened to Hunter X Hunter Season 5 and 6?! Why hasn’t Netflix dropped Season 5 and 6 yet?

Was the July 1st Netflix release date even real?

Now, we previously reported on the Netflix release date of July 1st. We’ve actually had a lot of fans comment on the article calling the Netflix release date of July 1st a lie. So, we decided to do a little digging. First things first, What’s On Netflix and Netflix Life both reported the same release date of July 1st. In fact, several subscribers are confirming that Netflix did have a note on the series in their streaming library confirming Season 5 and Season 6 would drop on July 1st. Here’s a screenshot of this notice that was on Netflix up until today.

Hunter X Hunter Season 5 Netflix

Fans blasted Netflix and outlets when Season 5 and 6 of Hunter X Hunter didn’t drop

Well, today is July 1st and neither Season 5 nor 6 of Hunter X Hunter have been added to the Netflix streaming library. Anime fans have blasted both Netflix and outlets that originally reported on the release date all day. Many outlets have been blasted as “liars” for reporting a release date that wasn’t true. Netflix, however, had a note on the series in their library to confirm it was supposed to be released today. So, no one is really sure what happened.

We can confirm the note announcing the release date in Netflix’s streaming library is gone. Some fans are holding out hope there is just a delay and it will be dropped sometime before the day is over. Maybe someone just got their wires crossed and the release didn’t happen?

Hunter X Hunter Netflix YouTube

Regardless, anime fans who enjoy Hunter X Hunter have been blasting Netflix on Twitter all day. They have demanded answers on why Season 5 and 6 are not in the library yet.

Were you bummed when you went to watch Season 5 and 6 of Hunter X Hunter today? Do you think Netflix just messed up and forgot to release it? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest anime and Netflix news.

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