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Rare Photo Of Felicity Vuolo Surfaces: Did Jinger & Jeremy Approve?!

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A rare photo of Felicity Vuolo has surfaced on Instagram, and it has Duggar fans shook as Jinger and Jeremy had made the decision to stop sharing their children’s photos with the public. On Facebook, Duggar Snarks speculate if Jinger and Jeremy even gave permission for this photo of their daughter to be posted. Where was the photo posted? What does it look like? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Wait, are the parents hiding their children?

As we’ve previously reported, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo did make the decision to show their children less on social media. Fortunately, Jinger was candid enough to explain the reason why on her Instagram Stories. She explained they just wanted their children to have a more private life while they were small. So, fans hope this means they will get to see them when the children are a little older.

Jeremy and Jinger Instagram

Jinger and Jeremy occasionally share a photo of Felicity on Instagram. But, it is usually a photo taken from behind without her face visible in the photo at all.

Photo of Jinger and Felicity Vuolo surfaces on Instagram

A business called Pelican’s Snoballs of Asheville shared a collection of pictures on Instagram a few days ago. “Thank you so much to the wonderful staff at TS Orthodontics and Dental Specialists in Asheville for allowing us to serve your customers earlier this week for your customer appreciation!!! It was a Joy!!!” They penned in the caption.

Felicity Vuolo Jinger Jeremy Instagram

Now, the rare and new photo featuring Felicity Vuolo is not that easy to find. Why? Well, because it is several photos back in their post. So, you’ll have to swipe through several photos to find it. Or, you can take a look at the photo down below.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

Fans wonder if the business had permission to post

Duggar fans cannot help but wonder if Jinger and Jeremy gave permission for this photo featuring Felicity Vuolo to be posted. But, Jinger is tagged in the caption of the photo. So, she should have been alerted to the photo going up. Moreover, she did pose for the photo with Felicity in front of her.

The business itself only has about 1,000 followers and the photo itself only accumulated a little over 20 likes in the two days it has been up. So, it also isn’t like the rare photo of Felicity Vuolo is getting much exposure either.

Are you happy to see a photo of Felicity Vuolo? Do you think Jeremy and Jinger will ever start posting pictures of their children again? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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