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Dan & Laura Dotson Tease Small ‘Storage Wars’ Spoilers

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Dan and Laura Dotson took to Facebook to announce they were working on new episodes of Storage Wars, but they also dropped a few small spoilers. After revealing they just wrapped up working on a new episode for the day, Dan noted it was a good day. But, he didn’t want to be a spoiler of the show. He and his wife did proceed to drop a few small spoilers for those paying attention to what was said.

What Storage Wars spoilers did Dan and Laura Dotson spill? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Storage Wars spoilers dropped by Dan and Laura Dotson

Lauran and Dan noted it was a pretty good day. Dan joked that when the day is good enough that the Dotsons make money, you know the people who bought the units made good money too. He added that he recalls them selling a unit for $3,000. Laura, however, was quick to correct her husband. Clarifying the unit actually went for $4,000. As those who watch the show know, Laura and Dan get a percentage of what the units sell for as their commission for being the auctioneers. Storage Wars were not too surprised the woman with the “Pay the lady” motto had a better recall of the money earned.

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Dan and Laura didn’t want to give away too many Storage Wars spoilers, but they both believed fans would be REALLY happy with the new episodes of the series. Unfortunately, they didn’t go into much detail about what was discovered in the units. But, they didn’t want to give away so much that people wouldn’t tune in to see the new episodes!

When will the series return?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available on a release date for more episodes of Storage Wars Season 13 at this time. It’s been a month since new episodes of the series aired on the A&E network. Moreover, we don’t really know how many more new episodes we will get. But, we do know there are currently 10 episodes available. And, Season 12 of the series was 16 episodes long. Seasons prior were even longer.

What do you think of these Storage Wars spoilers? Are you excited about new episodes of the show? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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