Chrisley Knows Best Savannah Chrisley wears barely nothing feature

Savannah Chrisley Gets Scolded By Fan For Wearing Barely Nothing?


Chrisley Knows Best Savannah Chrisley gets scolded by a fan for wearing “barely nothing.” However, after further investigation, there doesn’t seem to be any cause for concern over Savannah’s wardrobe. Keep reading to find out what’s got this follower so concerned.

Chrisley Knows Best Savannah Chrisley enjoys a day at the racetrack

Earlier today, Savannah Chrisley takes to social media to share with her fans about her day. From the looks of it, she enjoys the day doing some NASCAR-related activities. She captions an adorable selfie with the following. “Hey @nascar …. Ya sure you don’t want me out there drivin? These guys ain’t got nothin on me!!! 😂🤪 #raceday

If Chrisley Knows Best fans didn’t know better, there be some cause for concern with that caption. As loyal fans may remember, Savannah has been in several car accidents throughout the years. Leave it to her brother, Chase, to call her out in the comment section though. He writes, “Not even a golf cart.”

One fan seems concerned about ‘barely nothing’ footwear

Next, Savannah shares a photo of herself in front of the racetrack. At first glance, she looks more than appropriately dressed for the occasion. However, one eagle-eyed fan points out Savannah’s choice of footwear. Savannah is wearing barely-there sandals and that concerns one fan in particular.

Why in the world did you wear those shoes? You are practically barefoot. Boots would’ve been a much better option even if they were uncomfortably warm. It’s pretty dirty around that area with race cars.😮”

While this may be a valid concern, other Savannah followers respond. One of them writes, “hunny I grew up at the racetrack what she’s wearing is fine. Mind your business 😘” Another fan shares, “I wear flip flops to the track also.” So there seems to be some debate about what is appropriate footwear at the racetrack.

What do you think about Savannah Chrisley’s choice of “barely nothing” footwear at the racetrack? What would you wear to NASCAR races? Let us know in the comment section below.

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