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Christine Brown Spills: Did Kody Almost Marry A High School Girl?!

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Christine Brown confirms Kody Brown almost married a high school girl in the family book titled Becoming Sister Wives: The Story Of An Unconventional MarriageChapter Three of the book titled: “Christine and Kody” confirms Meri and Kody courted the high school girl while they were also getting to know his would-be second and third wives.

Wait, he really almost married a child? Christine confirms

In Chapter Three of the book, Christine Brown confirms a high school girl almost became Kody and Meri’s second wife. Christine recalls deciding not to go through with courting Meri and Kody after learning of the high school girl.

“I was devestated. It ruined my day. In fact, it ruined my year. I decided then and there that I was not going to marry Kody, no matter what happened. It wasn’t because of Kody. It was because of that girl he and Meri were courting.” She cotinued to explain.

Christine noted the girl was “too young” and “too cute.” She just couldn’t picture herself being in a family with the young girl. In fact, she broke her friendship off with Meri and Kody completely. Earlier in the chapter, Christine also admitted to feeling threatened by the young girl’s beauty.

Why didn’t Kody Brown marry the high school girl?

Christine Brown recalls finding out the plans to make the high school girl his second wife didn’t move forward. Turns out, it was Meri that clued her in on what she considered at the time to be good news.

A week before the wedding. I received a phone call. I was standing in the kitchen when I answered the phone. It was Meri on the other end of the line. My heart nearly exploded with joy when Meri explained that the wedding had been called off. It was the happiest day of my life. I felt as if I could re-enter the world again. I immediately welcomed Kody and Meri back.”

Unfortunately, the book does not reveal much regarding why the marriage between Meri, Kody, and the high school girl didn’t pan out.

Christine Brown, however, does go on to reveal her happiness was short-lived. She received a phone call from Kody to discuss how Janelle was driving him crazy. Christine, at the time, had no idea who Janelle was. It didn’t feel like much time at all passed before Meri and Kody got married to Janelle and they moved to Wyoming.

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Christine recalls being heartbroken. She had just let Kody and Meri into her life again. Only for them to leave her for another wife. Was this the end? Well, Sister Wives fans know that is not the case. But, in the moment, it felt hopeless for Christine.

How could Kody Brown really justify marrying a teenager?

Now, some Sister Wives fans are up in arms about this information. How could Kody and Meri Brown even feel good about courting a teenager? Didn’t it feel gross to marry a 17-year-old? Fans have to keep in mind this was a long time ago. Kody himself was only 23 or 24 years old at the time. So, there would have been just a seven to eight year age gap.

Are you surprised to hear Kody Brown’s second wife was almost a high school girl? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, let us know if you’ve read the Sister Wives book.

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