Amy Roloff of LPBW Father's Day ideas

Amy Roloff From ‘LPBW’ Offers Great Father’s Day Gift Idea

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Amy Roloff from LPBW spends a lot of time in her kitchen. In-between sharing about her fiance and her grandchildren, she posts up photos of yummy meals. Actually, way back when the TLC show first started, fans saw her puttering around the kitchen. Certainly, her kids never seemed to go short of nice treats! These days, her many Little People, Big World fans also enjoy them on special occasions like Father’s Day.

Amy Roloff from LPBW always shares her seasonal treat ideas

Every year, the TLC star brings out a range of seasonal treats. For example, she shared about her Valentine’s Day fudge flavors earlier this year. Ahead of the day when people celebrate love, the Little People, Big World star shared that she brought out two flavors: Chocolate Cherry Cordial and Red Velvet. Many TLC fans rave about the sweet treats that Matt’s ex makes in collab with a local in Oregon. According to them, the price and taste always make for an attractive gift.

‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Announces Valentine’s Day Fudge Line Is Available

Amy Roloff from LPBW also launched her seasonal fudge line for summer 2021. Actually, just like the previous year, it comes attractively packaged. Last year, she produced Classic Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter Fudge. Additionally, a fan could choose to buy it with a Coffee Combo. At the time, a Little People, Big World fan told Amy that she planned on ordering some of it for Father’s Day. Perhaps that’s why this year, Amy recommended her new summer line for the special day this year.

Summer fudge collection for Father’s Day 2021

Taking to her Instagram on Friday, Amy Roloff from LPBW told her TLC fans, “Get a sweet treat for Dad this Father’s Day! This year’s Summer Fudge Collection is in my shop.” She also noted the flavors for this summer. These include “Oregon Hazelnut Mocha 🍫 and Oregon Berry 🍓 Fudge.” Additionally, fans who order may opt for a “4-pack of fudge, or get a combo of 2 pieces of fudge with a bag of…custom coffee blend. ☕”

Fans who tried the seasonal fudge from Amy Roloff from LPBW before rated it highly. One of them hit the comments section in praise of the flavors. The fan said, “I’ve had your fudge. It’s excellent. I will be ordering more. Thanx for the berry flavor fudge. Hubby can have chocolate and I can have berry. Yum.😁”

If you visit Amy’s Little Kitchen, you’ll find more than just seasonal fudge and coffee. Chock full of recipes, other products include coffee mugs, aprons, tote bags, fridge magnets, and more. It’s worth taking a look at her Artisan’s Collection, as well as she also sells wrist cuffs, candles,  and even a range of earrings.

Amy Roloff From 'LPBW' Offers Great Father's Day Gift Idea
Credit: Amy Roloff | Instagram

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about Amy Roloff from LPBW. Remember that Father’s Day comes on June 2o this year, so don’t forget to place your order early.

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