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Will ‘Too Large’ Meghan Convince Vannessa To See Dr. Procter?

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Ahead of tonight’s (June 2) sneak peek of Too Large TLC releases several trailers for their new show 0n discovery +. From the looks of the trailers, the first episode features Meghan and her best friend, Vannessa. While these faces may not be familiar to viewers, they may recognize the doctor. The doctor behind the weight loss procedures for Too Large is none other than 1000-Lb. Sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton’s Dr. Procter. Keep reading to find out more about Too Large. 

Too Large Meghan brings her friend Vannessa with her to see Dr. Procter. Is it a trap?

TV Shows Ace previously reports that Meghan is concerned that she won’t lose enough weight to get approval for her weight loss surgery. However, some may find it hard to believe. The introduction clip for Meghan shows her working out at home. While the workouts are likely modified due to her limited mobility, it is. apparent from the video that she is giving these workouts maximum effort.

When the time comes for Meghan to see Dr. Procter, she brings her best friend Vannessa along for moral support. During the clip, Meghan shares that she hopes to get Vannessa to join her in losing weight. However, Vannessa’s body language makes her look like she’s skeptical about the whole thing.


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Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Vannessa has a change of heart when it comes to considering letting Dr. Procter help her lose weight. While out with Vannessa she explains that she can still walk, drive and take care of her kids. However, Meghan is adamant that Dr. Procter can save Vannessa’s life. Meghan is fearful that it is just a matter of time before Vannessa’s quality of life deteriorates.

Meghan explains why she’s going through the process. One of the contributing factors appears to be the fact that she doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. Not only that, but she shares that she isn’t happy. “I’m sitting on the sidelines, looking at people’s pictures – going on vacations, running down the beach, having kids, and living life – and I’m sitting at home on a stool and can’t breathe,” explains Meghan.


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Are you excited to witness Meghan’s weight loss journey? Do you think she’ll convince Vannessa to see Dr. Procter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more TLC news. Check out Too Large on discovery +.

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