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Adam Busby Says There’s A Psychopath Amongst His Kids

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Adam Busby and Danielle look forward to the summer as much as the kids. The OutDaughtered quints graduated and Blayke wrapped up her last day in Grade 4. Next, the TLC family celebrated Memorial Day. Then, Danielle told her fans that they set off on their first summer vacation. However, did they take a psycho along? Adam seems to think so.

Adam Busby and Danielle share about their summer vacation

Memorial Day arrived soon after the kids finished school. In Danielle’s photo, the whole family took it rather seriously. It looked like they chilled at home and then took a family photo. On his Instagram Stories, Adam made it clear they remembered the day for all the right reasons. In the photo that revealed the family at their home, they all wore All American shirts. However, fans already knew that their thoughts turned toward enjoying their summer break.

‘OutDaughtered’ Family Photo Memorial Day: See The Busbys Twinning

Adam Busby and Danielle took to the It’s A Buzz World account and shared a few activities they enjoyed at Splashway Water Park. It looked like straight after Memorial Day, they loaded up and went away. Previously, they visited the place and the kids all loved it. Staying there until Friday, it looks like they pack in a lot of fun. Conveniently close to Houston, and affordable, they enjoyed playing in the wave pool. Probably, their parents enjoyed the big slides as well. Later, after visiting the lake and fuelling up with hotdogs, they all enjoyed sMores around the fire.

Psycho banana-eating OutDaughtered kid

After all the fun of playing around at the water park, obviously, the quints and their sister worked up an appetite. Adam Busby walked around and found a really disturbing item abandoned on the table.

Sharing it to his Instagram Stories, the OutDaughtered dad told his TLC fans his feelings about it. The snap revealed a very dodgy-looking banana. He captioned it with, “One of my kids is a psychopath….” Well, he also asked, “who the heck eats banana like this?” Apart from some demented raccoon, perhaps only a psycho would take odd-looking chunks out of it and then place it back in the skin. Turning black in places, it certainly looked unattractive.

Perhaps before they graduated, the quints learned about all the health benefits that bananas provide. Actually, we suspect it might be Riley. In one clip that Adam Busby shared recently, it revealed Riley wrinkling up her nose at one of her sister’s meals. She ate some banana slices while the kids made some crafts on a rainy day.

Adam Busby Says There's A Psychopath Amongst His Kids

Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram Stories

Who do you think ate a banana like a demented raccoon and left it out for someone to find? Sound off in the comments below.

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