Little People Big World premiere Shows Lots Of Lilah & Jackson

‘Little People Big World’ Premiere Brings Lots Of Lilah & Jackson

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Little People Big World premiered on Tuesday night and TLC fans were there for it. Many of them seemed thrilled that Lilah and Jackson Roloff featured quite a lot. In fact, on social media, some of them think the kids, alongside Zach and Tori, make the long-running show watchable. It seems rather unfortunate that Matt and Amy started the show, but fans seem to be sick of watching them and their continuing toxicity.

Little People Big World premiere saved by Lilah & Jackson

The show opened with Lilah and Jackson and fans saw that Jackson loves being a big brother. The show also revealed Zach and Tori discussing Lilah’s health and showed her rejecting a bottle. Little Jackson zoomed around on his scooter and fans loved it. Of course, the show brings older footage but in real life, fans know Lilah’s bigger and even gave up her binkies without too much trauma.

Nevertheless, as Tori said in the show, they keep a very careful eye on Jackson and his sister. Apparently, for kids with dwarfism, complications and illness can be a big worry for parents. In the show, Tori seemed concerned as it took Lilah a long time to sit up.

The Little People Big World show also revisited Amy and Matt clashing over the sale of the farm. In the throwback scenes, TLC reminded everyone that Amy feels unwanted and unwelcome. Plus, she and Matt butt heads again as he wants to buy her out completely this time. Zach sounds over it and he wouldn’t mind buying his mom out. Everyone wants to just get on with their lives. It’s getting old now, this never-ending toxic bickering. One fan on Twitter noted, “Watched for years but quit watching with all the drama. “

As usual, others chimed in their support for Amy. However, some TLC fans just want to see Zach and Tori with their kids. After all, they thought the kids saved the premiere from all the ugliness.

LPBW fans call for a show without Zach’s parents in it

Season 22 of Little People Big World isn’t the first time that TLC fans called for a spinoff with Zach, Tori, and the kids. The Sun reported in October 2020, that fans called for it as they grow “tired” of Matt and Amy “bickering.” The same calls come again:

Potentially, even Amy’s supporters might prefer watching a spinoff that features Jackson and Lilah and their mom and dad. After all, as one LPBW fan noticed, “The opening clip of the season premiere of #littlepeoplebigworld was the MOST adorable thing!” The premiere of Little People Big World started off with cute Jackson running across the room smiling and laughing. It seems that fun and laughter are what people want. After all, there’s enough pain and harsh reality with the coronavirus around.

What are your thoughts on the premiere of Little People Big World? Can you imagine Matt ever walking away from his own show? Sound off in the comments below.

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