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‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4 Eng Dub Hulu Release Date: Any Update?

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Does Attack On Titan Season 4 Eng Dub have a Hulu release date yet? Fans of the series that prefer not to watch the Eng Sub version are desperate to know when and where they can tune in to watch the Eng Dub version of the final season of the anime series. Has there been an update since the last time we reported on Attack on Titan?

Keep reading to learn what we know about the Attack on Titan Season 4 Eng Dub Hulu release date.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Eng Dub Hulu Release Date: When?

The first 16 episodes of Attack on Titan Season 4 are currently available on Hulu. Unfortunately, only the Eng Sub version is available at this time. So, those who prefer not to read subtitles will have to keep waiting.

Post Apocalyptic Media reports the first 16 episodes of Attack on Titan Season 4 Eng Dub version have yet to finish airing. For example, the Eng Dub version of Season 4, Episode 13 (Episode 72) premiered at 12:30 a.m. Eastern/2:30 a.m. Pacific on Sunday, April 11 on Toonami.

With the exception of Toonami, Funimation is the only option for watching the Eng Dub version. Some speculate Hulu might pick up the first 16 episodes of Season 4 after they all air on Toonami. So, this means we could see a Hulu release date for Attack on Titan Season 4 Eng Dub in May or June. But, it is equally possible Hulu will not pick up the Eng Dub version of the anime until Season 4 concludes.

Ok, well how many more episodes are there?

Presently, we can confirm there are 75 episodes that stretch across four seasons. We can also confirm Season 4 of Attack on Titan is currently 16 episodes long. This, however, is considered the first half or part one of Season 4.

According to HITC, there is not a lot of information available on Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2. This is with the exception of the fact that Season 4, Part 2 has been confirmed. Presently, we don’t know how many episodes Part 2 will be. Unfortunately, Part 2 doesn’t even have a confirmed date for when episodes will start being released. At the moment, the best guess is January of 2022. There is a slim chance it could happen in December of this year. But, January is much more likely.

How To Watch ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4 Dub Version In English

Unfortunately, Hulu subscribers may be waiting a while yet to watch the Eng Dub version of Attack on Titan Season 4 as there is no release date in sight. Those who are having trouble waiting should consider a Funimation subscription.

Are you bummed there isn’t a Hulu release date for the Eng Dub version of Attack on Titan Season 4 yet? Share your thoughts with us on this elusive release date in the comments.

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