My 600-lb Life: Sarah Neely

‘My 600-Lb Life’ Update on Sarah Neely: Where is She Now?

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My 600-Lb Life cast member Sarah Neely was on Season 6 of the popular TLC transformation show. How these patients do after filming their episodes is always a point of interest for viewers. Where is she today?

My 600-lb Life: Sarah Neely’s TLC Journey

Like all My 600-Lb Life cast members that begin their journey with Dr. Now, Sarah Neely started from rock bottom. When she first made it down to Houston to begin her journey, she was 642 pounds on the scale. When you see that number staring back at you, that’s often when reality hits. Meanwhile, that was certainly the case for Sarah.

Along with her weight, Sarah Neely had other issues to contend with. On My 600-Lb Life, Sarah had more on her plate than just food to deal with. In addition to her weight and her addiction to food, she also dealt with things like anxiety and depression. As TLC watchers know, there are other issues below the surface that go beyond eating habits when it comes to Dr. Now’s patients.

Sarah Turns Things Around

Even though starting from scratch and beginning a weight loss journey is a daunting task, Sarah Neely had some help. In addition to Dr. Now’s guidance on My 600-Lb Life Sarah also had help from her grandmother to keep her motivated throughout the process.

Her grandmother made her things like sugar-free jello. Meanwhile, she was a rock for Sarah Neely when she hit those rough spots along her My 600-Lb Life journey. When Sarah struggled to find motivation, her grandmother was right there to help keep her on track.

Even though it’s no picnic when you have someone there monitoring your diet, it was a major help to Sarah Neely. Her grandmother made sure she ate things like lean meats and vegetables. Her grandmother even helped her stay on track with things like exercise. So she played a big part in helping her granddaughter reach her fitness goals.

My 600-lb Life: Sarah Neely
My 600-lb Life: Sarah Neely/Instagram

Where is the My 600-lb Life Star Now?

Based on the latest My 600-lb Life updates from Sarah Neely, she certainly is a TLC success story. Distractify notes that at one point, Sarah got all the way down to 197 pounds. This is a huge drop in weight – especially considering where she started from. Meanwhile, it looks like she put some weight back on since then – but for a much different reason.

It turns out, Sarah Neely and her husband are parents to a new bundle of joy. Even though she put some weight back on due to pregnancy, it’s clear she developed some good habits to get all the way down to 197 pounds. Also, she will likely continue that positive trend when it comes time to drop the baby weight.

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