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Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter Claims He Wants To Take Responsibility For Franco’s Death

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During the week of March 29, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Peter will do his best to stay out of legal trouble. He already thinks he’s successfully pointed the PCPD toward Jason in connection to Franco’s murder. Now, it seems he’s going to try to take things one step further during Monday’s episode.

Peter Makes A Bold Move

The General Hospital sneak peek for Monday revealed that Peter would approach Elizabeth for a chat. This is quite daring on his part, as she surely has zero interest in speaking with him. Naturally, she has no idea whatsoever that Peter killed her husband. However, he did steal Franco’s medical records and publish the scoop in The Invader.

Apparently, Peter will pursue a talk with Elizabeth at General Hospital. He’ll claim that he wants to take responsibility for Franco’s death. It appears that either Peter may surprise her by calling out to her with this as she’s facing the other direction. It also seems possible that they had already been talking and she walked away before he said this.

General Hospital Teasers Suggest Liz Is Vulnerable

General Hospital spoilers detail that Elizabeth will turn around to look at Peter with a curious but skeptical expression on her face. Is Peter really going to suddenly confess all his sins to her? That’s quite doubtful.

In all likelihood, Peter will spin a tale suggesting that he feels responsible because of The Invader article. At this point, the PCPD is focusing solely on Jason for this death. Given that, Peter may come up with some twisted scenario where his article pushed Jason to kill Franco.

Given Elizabeth’s personal conviction that Jason did shoot Franco, she may believe what Peter tells her. She’s blinded too much to realize the truth and Peter likely realizes that and plans to use it to his advantage.

Franco’s Death Continues To Cause Tense Moments

According to SheKnows Soaps, Elizabeth will feel disappointed over something later during the upcoming week. In addition, Franco’s father Scott will have a run-in with Jason and that should be intense.

As Peter does his best to stay out of prison, General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly will try to get her bestie out of jail. She’ll concoct some sort of plan she’ll present to him on Monday, as the week plays out, viewers will see Carly doing her best to handle Gladys.

Jason and Britt have talked about Peter being the one to kill Franco, and Jason has talked with Anna about it too. At this point, however, they are lacking proof. General Hospital spoilers signal that it’s going to be a race between Jason and Peter to see who can come out on top with this case and the week of March 29 should be a wild one in that regard.

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