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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Writing Their Own Season 4 Scripts

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Fans of Yellowstone are going crazy waiting for the arrival of Season 4. Season 3 left fans with many unanswered questions. The tear-jerking season finale continues to spawn an outcry of grief as well as character theories. Season 3 started out relatively the same as the prior two seasons. John Dutton is once again defending against people eager to take the Yellowstone away from him.

Although it appeared to be the same old story at the beginning of the season, this quickly changed. Fans learned more and more about the Dutton family in Season 3. Beth’s tough exterior is exposed as the true reason for her hatred of Jamie is revealed. This explains her resistance to Rip. She finally confesses to him her inability to have children. As if fans didn’t already love Rip, he pulls them in even more with this memorable quote.

Fans also learned of Jamie’s true parentage. It is revealed, by accident, Jamie Dutton is adopted. Jamie learns this while gathering identification paperwork including his birth certificate. Jamie confronts John as he feels betrayed by the news. Jamie’s feelings are understandable as he has never truly fit in with the rest of the family. However, Season 4 may reveal just how far this feeling of betrayal has gone.

Yellowstone Season 4 Fandom?

A recent thread on Reddit has exploded with fans writing their own versions of the Yellowstone series. Although the information in the thread is relatively accurate, it is absolute comedy gold. The thread started by a user posting a photo of a tweet reading,

“Here’s my spec script I wrote for season 4 of Yellowstone:

Kevin Costner: A man’s word is like his land. Without it, he’s no man at all.

Casey: I reckon all I know’s Killin and hats.”

This simple photo gives way to numerous iterations of the characters. One fan takes on Thomas Rainwater saying,

“Rainwater: I’m up to something (Proceeds to do either some casino or rez related sh*t, or when he gets involved in everyone else’s sh*t, practically just, sit there and observe everyone from a comfortably safe distance like a therapist at a family counseling session.)”

Even the men of the bunkhouse have their roles in the “upcoming fan-made season” of Yellowstone.

“Jimmy: shows off his stupidity,” says one user. “Walker: This f***in’ place…” chimes in another.

Another user wraps up the men of the bunkhouse by simply adding,

“and then Lloyd does cowboy sh*t.”

Although the Reddit thread is funny and very accurate, one user stole the show with one very accurate representation of the series.


Everyone else: f*** Jamie”

It seems fans are handling the wait for Season 4 of Yellowstone rather well. Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.

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