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Matt Roloff Shares A Photo Of ‘What Happy Looks Like’

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Matt Roloff shared a photo on Sunday night. In black and white, it looked very nice, TLC fans agreed. And one of them commented that it reveals “what happy looks like.” Actually, since Matt and Amy divorced and he started dating Caryn Chandler, he looks a lot happier. And fortunately, so does Amy, who soon marries Chris Marek. Perhaps the Little People, Big World stars were destined to find personal happiness with other partners.

Matt Roloff shared a black & white photo that reveals happiness

Late on Sunday night, Matt shared his picture on Instagram. It showed him with Caryn Chandler. Little People, Big World fans thought she looked stunning. And Matt’s eyes literally glowed. We reported that they seem very devoted to each other and they shared special Valentine’s messages on Instagram. Impatient TLC fans wish he’d hurry up and pop the question. But perhaps he waits until Amy and Chris Marek tie the knot.

Actually, Matt Roloff hinted that he might pop the question and plunk a ring on Caryn’s figure this year. The Sun UK reported in January, that a source told them that Caryn’s keen to settle down and would want a blowout big day with “no expense spared.” Plus, she doubts Matt goes through an engagement period and probably surprises everyone with wedding news. Actually, that seems like something the LPBW patriarch might do. They look so happy that it could come reasonably soon.

‘What Happy Looks Like’

Unusually, Matt didn’t caption his photo. But a follower immediately commented, “This is what happy looks like.😍😍😍.” Meanwhile, another person noted, “My Heart sings to see you so Happy ❣You deserve every bit of it.🌹” Actually, a lot of LPBW fans picked up on the pure happiness in the picture. But other followers spoke about how “classy” they look. One of them wrote, “Very nice, I love black & white pictures. They are classy🙌.”

Recall how Matt Roloff often looked grumpy before he took up with Caryn? One follower commented on that. They said, “Such an adorable couple. Caryn, you certainly brought out the smile Matt has been missing for years.” In fact, he’s not alone in that. Many TLC fans notice that Amy lost her tight and irritated-looking mouth since she and Chris Marek became engaged. While they raised their four kids together, the end of their marriage came along and lots of fans divided into Team Matt and Team Amy.

Matt Roloff Shares A Photo - What Happy Looks Like
Credit: Matt Roloff | Instagram

With both of the Roloffs looking happier, maybe it’s for the best that Matt Roloff and Amy found partners who show them what happy looks like. Some people think that Matt and Amy seem reasonably wealthy, but do you agree that no amount of money could put the sunny smiles on their faces that TLC fans see today? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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