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Amy Slaton’s Baby Breech, Is Her Weight The Reason?

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Amy Slaton will be welcoming her first baby on the new episode 1000-lb Sisters. There were some complications with the labor including that the baby was breech. Tammy says this is due to her weight. But, is this true?

Amy Slaton baby breech

Baby Gage is making his arrival on 1000-lb Sisters tonight. Gage was breech which caused Amy to have a c-section instead of birthing Gage vaginally.

There was already a lot of talk on if this pregnancy would come with complications. This is because Amy got pregnant shortly after weight loss surgery. This is known to complicate pregnancy. However, her weight didn’t contribute to the complications during labor.

In a study on the National Library Of Medicine website, they note that there are several stereotypes with obese women and pregnancy. However, they aren’t true. Breech presentation in the baby is one of these things.

The abstract of the publication notes that there is “No significant increase in the incidence of diabetes, toxemia, breech presentation, postpartum hemorrhage, infant morbidity or lactational failure was noted in obese women.”

So, Gage was likely breech due to another reason. Of course, there’s no telling where Tammy got her information from.

Tammy Slaton meets the baby

In addition to his birth, fans will get to see Gage meet his Aunt Tammy. Of course, they can only meet over Facetime due to COVID. This is actually good because shortly after his birth, Tammy is diagnosed with the virus.

However, it doesn’t really seem that Tammy is smitten with the new baby. In fact, Jerry says how cute he is, and Tammy just kind of stares. Tammy notes that it’s weird that Amy has her own baby now. Other than that though, she really just stares at the screen – not even smiling. Overall, she looks really unamused.

Some believe she may be jealous of the new baby.

After all, Gage is sort of stealing Tammy’s caretakers. Of course, one is a baby and the other is an adult so there really shouldn’t be an issue of jealousy.

Hopefully, if Amy does end up ditching Tammy, Tammy will be able to lose weight on her own.

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