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Zach & Tori Roloff’s Son Jackson Hits Huge Milestone: Starts Pre-K

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Hard as it is to believe, Zach and Tori Roloff’s son Jackson just hit a huge milestone — he started pre-k!

Tori Roloff took to Instagram yesterday to share this major news with fans. Little People, Big World fans saw him crawling, walking, cutting his teeth, and attending his first toddlers’ class at Sunday School. Over his lifetime, Tori shared his progress with adoring fans almost since his birth Now, he soon turns four years old. So, fans seldom refer to him as “Baby J” anymore.

Jackson Roloff starts Pre-K: How did he cope with it?

Kids attending their first day at Pre-K often end up with tears from mom and dad. And, from their little one. But it’s not the first time that Jackson attended a class without his mom. Back in September 2018, Tori shared on her Instagram about the toddlers’ class at their church. At the time, she said that she felt emotional. Her post also said, “My baby went to toddlers class for the first time at church this morning and I was a little nervous. However, this kid walked right in like he owned the place. He literally threw up the ✌🏼 sign and told me to get lost.”

After church, Tori found Jackson Roloff eating some “cheerios happily. ” And, the ladies who ran the class said he talked the hind leg off a donkey the whole time. You can see the 2018 post below.

So, did the fan-favorite kid from Little People Big World cope just as easily on his first Pre-K day? Maybe the fact that Tori trained as a teacher helped her prepare herself and her son for the big milestone. In her post on February 24, she told fans that she’s “fine.” And, it looks like Jackson was also “fine” with it.

Jackson Roloff First Toddlers class
Credit: Tori Roloff | Instagram

Cute farewell to his mom on Pre-K day

It seems that Jackson Roloff felt every bit as confident about Pre-K as his first toddler’s class at church. Tori said that he “[marched] in like he owned the place.” But, his farewell seemed extra-cute. After he hugged and kissed his mom, the LPBW star said to Tori, ‘peace mom!” Additionally, Tori noted that he asked to start school. And, he pestered them about it for a while.

TLC fans raved about the photo that Tori shared. He looked so adorable holding up his sign about Pre-K proudly. One fan wrote, “S T O P I T !!! Look at the smile!! I love him sooo much 🥺💙.”

Another fan of Jackson Roloff noted, “OMG he looks like a little boy! 😢 I’m crying happy tears for you all but man time is a thief !!!”

LPBW fans really adore Jackson who literally steals the show. One of them commented: “I love Jackson! He is by far my favorite ever! This is the cutest picture ever!! 😍”

Jackson Roloff Starts Pre-K - How Did It Go
Credit: Tori Roloff | Instagram

Hopefully, he loves school and copes just fine with it. Do you agree that Jackson Roloff really seems like a fearless and confident little boy? Sound off in the comments below.

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