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Matt Roloff Comments On Fake Amy Gift Page: Exclusive

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Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World is famous for her lovely seasonal gifts, so we spoke exclusively with Matt who warned about a fake gift page on Facebook. If you follow the TLC star on Facebook, you’ll run across the usual Bitcoin scammers tucked into the replies. But, you might also come across a page that tells you you were selected as a winner. So, we wondered if it’s Amy’s legit page.

Amy Roloff  Posts on Facebook about a day trip with Chris

Chris Marek and Amy went off for a lovely spontaneous outing to the beach. Previously, we reported they canceled their Valentine’s Day road trip because of bad weather. Amy told her Little People, Big World fans that she just had to get out of the house and do “something.” Apart from discovering that beach town restaurants fill up quickly, they enjoyed a nice walk on the beach. And, Chris stopped off near their home for a nice meal. Plenty of fans commented about it.

However, inside the comments, when someone said something nice about Chris and Amy Roloff, they got a notification they were winners. So, we reached out to the Roloff family. Matt Roloff replied to our inquiry as to the legitimacy of it. Now, you might think that fake pages are easy to spot. But, people know Amy really appreciates her fans. Giving away gifts to loyal fans isn’t an unthinkable likelihood. Also, a lot of people who wait for verification of new page use @real somewhere. So, this Page said, “Real Page & Authentic.” Hmmm. We checked it out for LPBW fans.

Fake Gift page info from Matt Roloff

Some people already obviously liked the notification. And, some people clicked through and liked the page.  A few of them who landed there asked things “like 100 percent claim? Is this legit?” A few other fans suspected a scam. And no, we won’t post the link here as that might send more fans of Amy Roloff to the page. Matt Roloff confirmed with us exclusively that the Facebook page isn’t run by his ex-wife. In fact, he said, “no this is not Amy… it’s fake!”

Additionally, 24 hours later, the page remains up. But, the photo of Amy disappeared. So possibly, Amy Roloff or Matt already reported it. So, if you see a response offering a gift to one of your replies, beware. The typical sort of thing, as you see in the photo below, involves inviting people to register. Well, it’s not legit despite the page stealing Amy’s photos from her own Facebook page. and you should expect further steps such as “Call us,” or even bank details and email addresses regarding shipping.

Amy Roloff Exclusive Matt Comments On Fake Gift Page

How do people profit off fake Facebook pages?

One thing that should make people stop and think is when the grammar is off. As you can see above, the short header is missing an “A.” Additionally, if you follow Amy Roloff, ask yourself this? Is it likely she’d need to emphasize her page is “Real & Authentic?” What profits people who run scams like this? TheIntelligencernet reported that scammers get information from those who follow up. This means they can then try and scam and access all your friends.

Notably, in the case of the fake Amy Roloff gift page, you’re unlikely to receive some yummy fudge in the post. Potentially, your friends might get requests for cash. Or subscription offers that include a cash payment. If you see a fake scam on social media, “you can report it online at”

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