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’90 Day: The Single Life’ Big Ed Likes Them Young

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90 Day: The Single Life brings back Big Ed who once again reveals he prefers his women young. Or at least younger than he is. The show premieres on discovery + on February 21. Big Ed’s fans seem delighted that the man with the short neck and loads of personality returns. However, many people hate the idea of him after he treated Rose Vega badly. They take some comfort from the fact that Rose becomes a star in her own right since she dumped the rather insensitive man.

90 Day: The Single Life  – Big Ed says he a big kid

We reported in January, that Big Ed leaned in for a kiss. And, his date really didn’t like that at all. In fact, his “spontaneous” move seemed very inappropriate. Getting cozy on the couch with his pooch and his newest love-interest, Ed told her that he didn’t want to “rush things.” Then as she stood up to leave, he immediately tried taking things to the next level by kissing her. Well, she actually had to explain to him why she thought he’s inappropriate.

Clearly, Big Ed has some issues with boundaries. In fact, he comes over rather child-like sometimes. The way he dresses up in odd costumes also indicates a rather strange approach. In a teaser for 90 Day: The Single Life that TLC dropped on February 18, he talks about being a kid. Speaking to the camera, he said, “I think I’m too big of a kid to date somebody my own age.” So, maybe that’s why he always seems attracted to much younger women.

Is awkward Ed attractive to young women?

Bjg Ed seems determined to lose weight. In fact, he makes it his mission and even goes for help. And yes, he loses weight for 90 Day: The Single Life. But might that be sufficient to keep young women interested in him? After all, he seems rather awkward. And while he might be a big kid in an old body, he’s a big kid with definite adult desires. And, he seems unsure about appropriate behavior with women. Frankly, a guy who dresses up and prances around in super-hero costumes might not appeal to many women.

In fact, critics might shudder to think about his cosplay. Actually, Screenrant wrote that he’s not likely to succeed in the new show on discovery +. The outlet noted “a high possibility that he won’t end up finding love on 90 Day The Single Life. They talk about how his fetish for Asian women shouldn’t dominate his conversation. It’s dated and just socially unacceptable these days.

90 Day The Single Life Big Ed Likes Them Young
Credit: TLC | Instagram

Plus, Big Ed seems clueless with “non-verbal dating cues.” Even with coaches helping with 90 Day: The Single Life, it seems his oddly immature approach to women might just end up with his ego battered again.

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