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‘MBFFL’ Fans Celebrate Whitney Way Thore’s Dad On His Birthday

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) often features Whitney Way Thore’s dad Glenn Thore. Many TLC fans adore him. In fact, her mom gets the kudos as well. No matter how much Whitney Way Thore might irritate critics, nobody says anything bad about either of her parents. Now, marking Glen’s 75th birthday, many followers reminisced about his scenes on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

MBFFL – Whitney’s dad turns 75 years old

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday night, Whitney shared some photos of her dad, Glenn. One of them revealed a very handsome young man. And the others showed how he aged with grace. In her long caption, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star paid tribute to him. She mentioned Glenn’s “wisdom” and “love,” and talked about how she “won the parent lottery.” Plus, she praised him for standing by her as her “biggest supporter, protector, and cheerleader. ”

While fans only see a little bit of Whitney’s dad on MBFFL, she feels glad they at least see a “sliver of the strength and joy he brings to everyone he meets.” Fans know he really loves Worcester sauce, so she thanked them for loving him for that and more. Next, she called for followers of the show to talk about their favorite moments when they saw him on screen. Finally, she talked about her happiness that her parents received their “first dose of the [COVID-19] vaccine.”

Favorite scenes of Glenn Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans quickly responded to Whitney’s post. Some of them enjoyed the scenes where they see him being so loving with Babs. And another one talked about how they loved his reactions to her wearing a wig. Actually, Whitney previously shared a TikTok of her mom looking hot, wearing a wig. In early February, Babs strutted her stuff, we noted. And, she transformed “from frumpy mom to hot mom,” with her blonde wig. Fans loved that and asked for more.

MBFFL fans also recalled how Whitney’s dad supported her at the weightlifting competition last season. One TLC fan noted: “Favorite Glenn memory: watching his reactions during your lifting competition. He was so invested in it and so proud of you! ❤️”

Shape.com wrote about how she struggled, and at one stage Whitney fluffed a power snatch. Nevertheless, she “didn’t seem fazed or discouraged by it whatsoever.” And her dad cheered her in from the side-lines. It seems that Glen always stands in solid support of everything Whitney does on MBFFL.

TLC fans love the way he “rolls his eyes” at Whitney sometimes. And plenty of them enjoy watching him dance when he gets the opportunity.

MBFFL Whitney's Dad Favorite Scenes - Fan Reminisce
Credit: Whitney Way Thore

Other people said they love seeing Whitney’s dad in the show because he’s so “adorable.” And lots of them sent in their best wishes for his 75th birthday. What are your favorite moments when you saw Glenn Thore on MBFFL? Sound off in the comments below.

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