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Jinger Vuolo Joins Another Social Media Platform – Where To Find Her

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Counting On stars Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo are often active on Instagram. They also have their own podcast, which they share wherever podcasts are available to stream. So, Duggar fans have a few ways to keep up with them. But now, Jinger is making her debut on another social media platform. Where can fans find her?

Jinger Vuolo joins Tik Tok

On her Instagram page, Jinger revealed that she has now joined Tik Tok. In an Instagram Story, she says, “Yes, I just joined TikTok, and I’m excited. So, you guys can swipe up and follow me over there on my account.”

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Tik Tok is a platform where users can post short videos. Many popular Tik Tok users share videos of themselves doing viral dances. Other videos go viral on the platform too. People post a little bit of everything on Tik Tok, from animal videos to skincare routines.

So far, Jinger has only shared one video on Tik Tok. In the video, she pours her makeup bag out on the counter. Then, the camera pans to her fully made-up face. She captions the video, “Hey TikTok!”

It’s unclear what else she plans to share. She and her husband have been sharing fewer photos of their kids on Instagram lately, so it’s possible that she will leave them off of Tik Tok too. Maybe she will post more beauty videos, or she might go a different route.

In the comments, those who have discovered her new account are asking her to do a dance called the “Buss It Challenge.” Since the Duggars don’t dance, it will be interesting to see if Jinger hops on any of those trends.

Duggar critics think Jinger’s trying to stay relevant

Over on Reddit, critics of the Duggar family are sharing their thoughts on Jinger’s new social media platform. They think she and Jeremy keep trying too hard to be social media influencers. They also think she will be shocked to see some of the content that’s on Tik Tok.

One critic weighs in, “Ooo I can’t wait. Clearly this is a PR move to seem more “hip” and possible make money off of🙄 but the people on tik tok can be snarky in the comments so this could be interesting.”

You can watch Jinger’s video here.

So, will you be keeping up with Jinger Vuolo on Tik Tok? Let us know in the comments below.

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