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‘Sister Wives’: Does Paedon Brown Have A Girlfriend?

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Paedon Brown of Sister Wives was seen cozying up with a gorgeous brunette on Instagram over this past weekend. Fans of the TLC family can’t help but wonder if Kody and Christine’s son might have a girlfriend. Fortunately, Paedon decides not to keep his Instagram followers completely in the dark. He provides a little information about who the gorgeous girl is. Moreover, he explains why he’s spending time with her.

Paedon Brown introduces Erienne to Instagram

The Sister Wives personality reveals he made the “great decision” to spend some quality time with a few of his friends this weekend. It, however, is one friend in particular he chooses to highly on his Instagram post. Making the introduction more interested, he seems to be comfortable cuddling up close to her. He revealed his female friend’s name is Erienne. And, he explained he’s learned a lot of things from her.

“This is Erienne, I am at her Happy People Party. She has taught me so much about many things, including how sound and light can affect many different people in many ways. You should totally hit her up if you want to know about her business, it’s super cool. I’ll be posting more about it soon.” He pens.

In the first post, Paedon Brown, his new mysterious potential girlfriend, and two other friends sat around a table enjoying a meal. They also appeared to be enjoying glasses of red wine. They all had huge smiles on their faces. Clearly enjoying each other’s company.

Paedon Brown Instagram
Paedon Brown Instagram

Based on his caption, it became clear he was attending some sort of party his female friend was hosting for her business. Paedon Brown also appeared to be trying to plug the business for his friend using his Sister Wives following. The details of her business, however, were a little unclear. Moreover, he encouraged his followers to “hit her up,” but he didn’t tag her or mention her last name.

Girlfriend or future business venture?

He did, however, promise that he would share more about the business in the near future. So, one of two things is happening here. Either, this girl really might be someone important to Paedon Brown. Possibly a girlfriend? Or, he’s joining many of the other Sister Wives cast members in jumping on the MLM train.

Sister Wives fans react to the sweet post

The third photo features Paedon Brown pulling his possible girlfriend Erienne into a warm embrace. They both have huge smiles on their faces. She is clearly very comfortable with her head resting on his chest. The body language alone screams they might be a couple.

Paedon Brown Instagram
Paedon Brown Instagram

Sister Wives fans, unfortunately, were not super happy with the post. They didn’t like the idea of Paedon Brown gathering with friends

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