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Jamie Otis Updates On Post Pregnancy Body & Embraces Every Inch

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Jamie Otis Hehner is eight months postpartum and she is showing it off in a revealing Instagram post. In the side by side nude photo, Jamie shows her body at eight months pregnant and eight months postpartum.

She gave birth to her bundle of joy in May 2020. Hendrix Douglas Hehner came into the world via home birth weighing nine pounds and four ounces.  In the vulnerable post, Jamie dives right in telling her truth. The first sentence stating, “Working on loving my 8mo postpartum body as much as I loved my 8mo pregnant bod.”

Jamie’s post is giving courage to a lot of moms going through similar insecurities. One commenter posted, “Needed this today. I am 13 months pp and still havent ‘bounced back.'” For those moms struggling with confidence, she voices more of her true feelings of her body. “I am a million times more confident postpartum this time around, but if I’m being honest, I’m not always 100% confident.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Jamie’s struggle to get back to her original body

Most comments on Jamie’s posts since having her baby haven’t been the most body positive. Some of the comments have been criticizing her weight since having her baby. And Jamie says she notices. She even addresses it in her Instagram post, “I haven’t lost one pound since giving birth. And I’m fully aware of the comments from people who say I’m just being ‘lazy’ or I’m super ‘unhealthy’ now.”

Regardless of the trolls, Jamie claps back. “I’ll take the stretch marks, cellulite, & mama pouch if it means I get to have a healthy baby.” And fans are supportive of the statement. One commenter even claps back at the trolls as well. “How dare others say you’re lazy or unhealthy! Being a parent is a 24/7 job. There’s zero laziness.”

Staying body positive through it all

Jamie is not new to revealing Instagram posts. Many of her posts are of her embracing her body and not being ashamed of a fat roll or stretch mark. Her recent post acknowledges the truth about giving birth. Nothing is the same after.”Our boobs sag after nursing. Our bellies develop a ‘mama pouch.’ Our skin is worn from stretching back and forth. But it’s ok!”

Through it all Jamie offers some words of encouragement to those who may be struggling through the inability to snap back to their original pre-baby weight. And that is, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with the mamas, who lose the ‘baby weight’ immediately, but there is also nothing ‘lazy’ and ‘unhealthy’ about the mamas who don’t.”

Let the haters know Jamie. You are beautiful pre and post-baby weight.

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