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Will ‘DWTS’ Pro Keo Motsepe Make Appearances On ‘Selling Sunset?’

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If you love keeping up with Dancing With The Stars pros, you probably already know that Keo Motsepe and DWTS Season 29 contestant Chrishell Stause are a hot item. But now everyone wants to know – will Keo make appearances on upcoming seasons of Selling Sunset?

Keo Motsepe May Make A Cameo Here And There

It’s possible, according to Chrishell’s co-star, Mary Fitzgerald. She recently sat down with Us Weekly to discuss the issue. However, ABC may have to sign off on it first. Netflix owns Selling Sunset right now.

“I don’t know if there are any restrictions with him being on a different network,” Mary told Us Weekly this week. “I know with [Chrishell’s ex-husband] Justin [Hartley] that was an issue. [With] Tarek [El Moussa] that’s an issue, which is why a lot of times the other guys aren’t on show are so very much.”

But Mary did go on to say that El Moussa will be around more in upcoming seasons.

“I believe he was granted like a certain moment of time. He just can’t be like a cast member on it,” she told the publication. “And then Keo, I think, would probably make appearances.”

Fans will just have to see what ABC has to say on the matter.

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What Do Selling Sunset Stars Think About Chrishell’s New Man?

However, Mary Fitzgerald and more members of the Selling Sunset gang were able to meet Keo Motsepe. This isn’t at all surprising. Jason Oppenheim once playfully said he wanted to approve of Chrishell’s future romances.

“I could not be happier for her,” Mary went on to say. “He tried to plan, like, a little get together so we could all meet, and I thought it was super sweet.”

The Selling Sunset star went on to say that Chrishell seems really happy and that Keo treats her well. Mary did warn Keo that he would have many people to deal with if he ever treated Chrishell poorly. After all the drama Chrishell went through with Justin Hartley, she really deserves a happy ending.

“I think she knows how strong she is now. And she knows she’s not going to settle. She’s just extremely happy,” Mary continued. “She’s really focused on herself and her well-being. I’m so proud of her and have been able to handle it as well as she did. She would just handle it with grace.”

So what do you think, Selling Sunset fans? Would you like to see Keo Motsepe in upcoming episodes of your favorite Netflix series? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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