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Amy Roloff Offers Valentine’s Day ‘Gram’

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Amy Roloff popped up on Instagram again this year and announced her seasonal fudge products for Valentine’s Day. Something extra comes along in 2021, as she also offers a Valentine’s Day “Gram.” Fans of Little People, Big World probably appreciate this added touch to her Little Kitchen. Her seasonal fudge products already come professionally packaged. And reviews suggest it’s absolutely delicious.

 Amy Roloff  adds an extra touch to her seasonal Valentine’s Day fudge

Unique gifts for unique relationships touch the heart and make people happy. And, the products on offer also include other gifts, so in a way, she makes her kitchen a one-stop shopping experience. Nevertheless, when comes to her fudge, the Little People, Big World mom doesn’t mass-produce it. So, get your orders in nice and early. We reported that fans don’t always know where and how to buy it, or even what lines Amy carries. So, here’s the details you might need.

As Valentine’s Day already comes soon, TLC fans who want the tasty treat can order it now before the rush. Amy Roloff took to her Instagram and announced the additional gram that you can get. In her post, the LPBW star wrote, “The Valentine’s Day fudge collection is here!❤️ I love giving this as a gift because it’s so much more unique than a box of chocolates, AND now you don’t even need to go out and buy a card!”

The Valentine’s Day ‘gram’

Amy then spoke about the little extra. She wrote, “We have a fun new Valentine’s Day “Gram,” where you can add a personalized message to your order.” Remember that Amy makes her treats as orders arrive. So, they come nice and fresh! And, as Amy pointed out, “You don’t have to have a Valentine, treating yourself to a sweet pick me up is something I think we could all use. 😊.”

So, when you go to Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, before you checkout, a  list of other products pops up. Select other goods from a range of items like tote bags, coffee mugs, tees, and hoodies. This year, Amy said her fudge flavors include “Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial,🍒 Peanut Butter,🥜 and Milk Chocolate.🍫 Yum! 😋.”Plus, she reminded her TLC fans about the fudge combo with the custom coffee package.

Worried about allergies?

Many people really take care of what they eat. So Amy also provided info on the products she uses in her fudge. When you click on a photo of the Valentine’s Day fudge, info about possible allergens pops up. So, if you’re uncertain about allergies and products used in her edibles, then you can read all about it on the site. Shipping via UPS takes around two to five days of delivery time.

The prices? Well, LPBW fans can celebrate because her “Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial” comes in at the same price as last year. That includes the Valentine’s Day “gram.” No increases might help ease that shrinking purse in 2021. And a fudge combo of “DARK CHOCOLATE CHERRY CORDIAL AND PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE WITH VALENTINE GRAM” also comes at $29.95.

Amy Roloff Valentines Day gram
Amy Roloff | Instagram

Other gift ideas include body scrubs, candles, aprons, and much more in Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen Valentine’s Day category.

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